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Siren's Call Cocktail

Happy Friday, friends! As a present for making it all the way to the end of this week, I'm introducing a new series featuring my insanely talented photographer/mixologist of a friend, Becca. She started posting beautiful photos of her cocktails to social media (and has admittedly over served them to me a time or two--delicious), so I asked if she would contribute her talents so that you, lovely One to Nothin' readers, could get drunk the classy way too. Check out her latest creation, the Siren's Call.
For all the mermaids at-heart out there—being all sexy but dangerous—this one is for you. Welcome to Bex’s Weekly Creative Cocktail with my latest, “Siren’s Call." A light, but luring, rum based cocktail that draws you in but then pulls you deep under.

Siren's Call

2oz Cachaça (or a light rum)
1oz Girolamo Luxardo
½ oz Lime
¼ oz Agave
1oz Coconut Water
¼ Crème de Violette

*Shake with ice all ingredients except Crème de Violette, and strain into a coupe or martini glass. Pour Crème de Violette in center. Garnish with twisted lime peel with the razzle-dazzle of your liking.

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Photo and recipe by Becca Wyant

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  1. This looks unbelieveable ! I must try this asap and the picture is great :)



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