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The Last of Seattle

As much as I hate to do it.. I suppose I'll finish up my Seattle recap today. I just want to pretend like I'm still there. Since I didn't really show you guys any sort of chronological order or anything, I just sort of rounded up the fun photos I haven't shared yet and stuck them in collages. You know how I do. (In case you missed out earlier, here's a little bit about my experiences with Seattle travels, music, clothes, food and marathon)
Clockwise // Top left: This was the view of the monorail tracks just a couple blocks from our hotel. // An adorable restaurant we ate at in downtown Seattle. // The view of the Space Needle from our hotel. The top was painted orange for the 50th anniversary celebration of its debut at the World Fair in 1962! // The Green Room theater, unfortunately we missed The Temper Trap :(
Top left // Goofin' it up as usual at the Seattle Aquarium // Hanging out at the top of the Space Needle with my very appropriate umbrella and wet-dog-look. // We stumbled upon the AWESOME and very impressive 2012 Seattle Gay Pride Parade! We had SO much fun cheering and waving a rainbow flag. It was incredibly encouraging to see so much love and acceptance all in one place.
Top left // A sweet carousel at a super fun arcade near Pike Place Market // Grossing myself out at the epic gum wall. How sweet is that Adventure Time gum drawing? There was also a giant stream of gum spelling out "PROM?" it was kind of adorable and gross at the same time. // The Chihuly Garden and Glass museum was amaaaaazing. There were all kinds of beautiful blown glass sculptures and the gift shop even has t-shirts made from recycled bottles. They were soooo soft and expensive. Otherwise I would've gotten one.

I had such an amazing time. I am so ready to follow the Rock 'n' Roll marathon around the rest of the country. Who's with me?!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!


  1. Beautiful, FUN photos!! I sooo relate.. I just love to relive moments over and over through photos. :)

  2. This made me so excited for my hubby and I's seattle trip in exactly one month!! I've never been!

  3. Thank you Mackensie for the sweet comment. I love your photos. Whoever did that adventure time gum mural was pretty talented!! :) Im your neweest follower!

  4. Awesome...Rock N Roll PF Changs in Phoenix, January 2013. :]

  5. Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!!

  6. I have always wanted to go to seattle! Thanks for linking up with the blog hop!!

    Rachel (co-host)


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