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Weekend Wedding

This weekend my cousin Michelle got married! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and of course Michelle looked amazing. It was so much fun spending time with my family. We may have gotten a little wild. In fact, I probably would have posted this yesterday except I had a hangover of epic proportions. It was bad. I didn't get many good photos of the actual wedding or reception, so I had to steal a couple from my sister, my mom and this beautiful one from the mother of the bride (Thanks, Aunt Bonnie!).

 Here are a few snapshots of the awesome hotel and beach in Tampa, FL that we stayed at.
On the top left, yea, that would be me, my cousin and my dad after taking full advantage of the open bar: Bubbles, guns and salutes. Top right, I have pretty sisters. Bottom left, that's my cutie nephew, Wyatt. My grandma (on the bottom right) was the flower girl and it was awesome.

I had so much fun. We danced our butts off and drank like fishies. It was a wonderful celebration. I'm so happy for you, Michelle and Tom!

On an unrelated note, I strongly suggest you all check out the new Motion City Soundtrack album "Go." It's fabulous just like all their other albums and they're going on tour soon. You best believe I'm hitting that up. Let me know if you're in the Florida area and would like to see them live in Orlando with me!

And lastly, my blog has hit 200 followers!!!! I'm so excited and I must find a way to celebrate immediately! I want to thank every single one of you. If you're a regular reader/commenter or just click it every once in a while or are only reading this because you Googled "epic hangover" or secretly read it while locked in your room and would never want me to know, I appreciate it all so, so very much. I love you all.

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