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As I mentioned earlier, I went to two rockin' showers on Saturday. First was my cousin Savana's baby shower. In a few short months we will have a beautiful baby girl named Aubrey Anne join the family. We welcomed her into the fam with a gorgeous shower by the lake, but of course I forgot the camera. Trust me when I say the shrimp grits and french toast casserole were to die for. I can't believe I was too busy stuffing my face to take iPhone pictures first.. well, I guess I can believe it. It was delicious. Congratulations, Savana, I cannot wait to meet your sweet girl.

Later on was my cousin Michelle's bridal shower thrown by my very own big sister, Britni. She amazes me. Just take a look at these handmade decorations and I think you'll know what I mean by that.
Everyone wore big floppy hats for the tea party theme, and yes, my sister painstakingly glued doilies to each jar and some how fastened candle holders and vintage plates together to create beautiful, tiered center pieces. All these teapots and cups are antiques and how fabulous are those poofy, tissue paper balls? She even had a bubble machine blowing bubbles out front. Yes, she's a rock star. Be jealous.
Then there was the food. She made chocolate covered strawberries, caprese salad bites, chocolate dumplings and cucumber sandwiches. They were delicious. I couldn't resist the lactose-filled treats. Worth it.
Congratulations, Michelle. I can't wait to celebrate your new life as a wife next month! Check out all the beautiful women in my family. The bride-to-be is wearing the toilet paper dress, the mommy-to-be is wearing the pink dress and my sister, the party host, is between them! I just love these ladies. It was a wonderful weekend. I hope your weekend was as filled with joy as mine was.

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