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Seattle Eats

First of all, check out this awesome Fourth of July-ness.

All right, now that I've gotten that immaturity out of my system (like that could ever happen), I want to show off some of the awesome food we ate in Seattle. Be prepared to drool all over your keyboard.
These oysters, summer salad and meat/cheese plate came from the Tilikum Place Cafe. It was an adorable little place that we first read about on 4square (once again, thank you social media!). We got there 15 minutes before it even opened, so we got to know the server and tried out some of their house wines. I was so excited to find out that the meat and cheese plate contained goat and sheep's milk (which doesn't have lactose! Yippeeee!).
For our entrees, I got the beef medallions (on the left) and my sister got the pork chop on top of a grit cake. I kid you not, everything about this meal was amazing. Even those weird lookin' plant things (what are those?!) were amazing. For dessert I got watermelon mojito sorbet and my sister got espresso chocolate something or other with raspberry sauce. Nom.
These beauties came from the Icon Grille. I got the turkey and avocado wrap on the top left and my sister got the beautiful shrimp and mango salad on the bottom right. I devoured the entire wrap in no time and went on to sip on this herbal martini -- it had all sorts of green bits in it. The decor in the place was just as beautiful as the food with blown glass draped in netting hanging from the ceiling. I wish I had taken a photo, it was amahzzing.
This was our token sushi dinner. I pretty much feel the need to try sushi no matter where I am. This was a little place called Mio Sushi. It was pretty cool because they have a "Happy Hour" for sushi. If you arrive early enough there are crazy discounts on certain rolls and entrees. We started out with green tea-salted calamari (bottom left) which was awesome. Britni got a sashimi salad (bottom right) which may have been prettier than it was tasty, and we got two sushi rolls each. They were decent, but nothing too spectacular.

At the top of the Space Needle we ate some 'Seattle Dogs' at the little cafe. They came with cream cheese (which I went without) and onion jam. I have never seen such a combo on a hot dog, but it was awesome. The view wasn't bad either. And yes, that is a cheesey-touristy-souvenir-cup-slash-penny-bank. Win.

Overall, The Tilikum Place Cafe was definitely our favorite spot to eat. We even considered going back again just to try everything else on the menu, but alas, we ran out of time. There were plenty of other meals in between, but generally if I forgot to take a picture of it, I was so hungry that I devoured it before I got a chance.

Basically, Seattle food rocks. Now I just need to run, like, five more half marathons to burn off all the calories. Oy.

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