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What I Wore - USA

Shirt: Old Navy / Jeans: AE / Boots: Steve Madden / Sweatshirt: Billabong
Blouse: Target / Lip stain: Revlon Just Bitten / Wine: Chardonnay ;)
For the past 5 days, I've worn work clothes and pajamas only.. So this What I Wore Wednesday edition is Seattle-tastic with a little splash of American independence. As far as clothes in Washington go, I wasn't really prepared. I went from 90-degree-weather-as-soon-as-the-sun-comes-up Florida to rain-clouds-even-when-it's-not-raining-50-degrees-all-day Washington. It was awesome, but not really conducive to my cute outfits I packed that mainly revolved around short dresses. Woops. Hence the jeans-and-boots combo worn every day. Don't judge.
Shirt: AE / Watch: Ross / Necklace: INPink
Running Clothes: Nordstrom (I had never been there before!! I was beyond overwhelmed)
Tank: Target / Cradigan: F21
Rain Boots: Sperry / Shirt: Buckle / Jacket: Hurley
As far as today goes, I'll most likely be rocking my homemade AMERICA bikini from last year (see that go down here).

Happy Fourth, friends! Have fun & be safe!!

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