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Music Monday

Hello friends! I'm just now starting to get back into the swing of things. My sister and I spent about 48 in limbo trying to get back to Florida after spending a week in Seattle. We flew from Seattle to Utah to Colorado to Oklahoma to Texas to Panama City and finally to Orlando. It was an adventure for sure. We got back home late Thursday night and I've been working/trying to catch up on sleep ever since. With that being said, I'm excited to start sharing my Seattle trip with you all! Today, since it's Music Monday, I figured I'd share the concerts/music-related activities that went down while I was gone. Check it.
First up is the Experience Music Project. I didn't get a good photo of the building and it's amazing, hence the borrowing above (click on photo to see where it came from). The EMP is an interactive museum dedicated to all things rock 'n' roll. While we were there they had special exhibits for Avatar, Sci Fi and Horror films. 
Can you guess which exhibit this photo was taken in? 
In the music area we learned all about Nirvana, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, watched a legit No Doubt concert (which was recorded there) on a huge screen and practice playing guitar, keyboard, percussion, singing and even scratching records DJ-style. It was fantastic. 
Next was the Rock 'n' Roll marathon (which I believe deserves its very own post!) which ended with an amazing intimate live performance by the Gym Class Heroes.
I had no idea I knew so many of their songs. They were so funny and energized even at 11 am. My sister caught the drum stick and I wasn't even too tired from running 13 miles to jump, dance and sing along! It was wonderful. Next came the most spontaneous move of our whole trip..
Foster the People just happened to be playing while we were there!!! It was our last day in Seattle and we had already hit 3 museums, an arcade and eaten dinner when I realized the show was about to start (because some girls posted a photo on InstaGram with the hashtag #Seattle!! Oh, the power of social media!). So I commented on the photo to see if there were any sketchballs scalping tickets and she was nice enough to respond and say yes. Needless to say lots of screaming and excited squeals followed, as well as some major begging and pleading my tired sister to go with me. So we grabbed a cab (with a sketchy driver who didn't know where anything was) to the Wamu Theatre and very hesitantly paid $60 for tickets that we were 80% convinced were fake. When the ticket-collector (is there a better name for that person..?) scanned our tickets and motioned us in, we were in shock. I still can't believe we pulled it off. We paid twice the original ticket price, but they were sold out and it was SO worth it. Kimbra, wearing an 80s prom-style dress whaled like crazy when she opened for Mayor Hawthorne, who were some white boy funk masters who were pretty good, but played for way too long considering we were about to pee ourselves with excitement waiting for FTP. Once they finally started playing, however, all the waiting was worth it. Their set was amazing with a huge digital sun that a dude in a fire hat often popped out of, huge blow up figurines, sweet art in the background, tons of sweet lights and at one point they even pulled a marching band out on stage. Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos because I'm short, but I did notice that Mark Foster is beautiful, has awesome dance moves and I want to have his babies. The end.
I took my own seizure-worthy spastic video on my phone, but Blogger doesn't want me to post it, so instead we will just admire FTP in a more cinematic way.

More Seattle fun to come! Happy Monday!
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