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House Tour

MMG Cribs is back, y'all! 
This time we're coming through with the common areas, which I can mostly thank my roommates for making pretty. I did get to contribute this baller Bowie print thanks to Photowall though, before we get into all that, I want you to take a moment to reminisce with me. I showed you my old apartment in Livermore in this post, I showed you my room makeover in this post, but I want you to take a trip back to my first year in this place. Just four short years ago, right after moving out of Livermore (on my birthday, I might add), temporarily into the grandparents-of-my-nanny-kids's house, I found this apartment on Craigslist with my roommate (who I hadn't met IRL yet).
This was a v stressful time, y'all. Right after paying the first month's rent and deposit, I realized I needed to register my car in California in order to get a street parking pass in my neighborhood--cut past several DMV visits and LOTS of fees to me calling my sister hysterical because I was about to overdraft on my account. My sister leant me $50, I calmed down, and I went on to get two job offers within a week of moving in (THANK THE LAWD). All this to say I sure as hell didn't have extra funds lying around to buy a nice couch or a TV (things my Livermore apartment was already stocked with). Just look at it! I got used to it though and chose to spend the small change I had that year on essentials like hiking boots for Mt. Whitney and a snow jacket/pants (from the kids section) for my first snowboarding experience (traumatic), so here I am in my bare bones apartment, rockin' my ski resort wear. That TV stand (if you can call it that) was found on the side of the road, just like our mirror and quite a few other essential household items. 
Now that we have that background story, please feast your eyes on our still-a-work-in-progress home. We've come a long way, from that time my boyfriend-at-the-time moved in and brought a bunch of furniture with him (and didn't take it when he moved out--bless him) to the time a not-boyfriend-dude moved in for a month and installed this here shelf/mug storage system (presumably because he was too nervous to ask us to make room for his shit). My two current roomies brought with them shelves, national park prints, book-styling skills, and a balcony space makeover. Isn't it cozy? Ziggy loves sunbathing out here with the succulents. 
Most recently I hung this abstract print of David Bowie, a gift from Photowall--it was delivered with a DIY frame and the print all scrolled up. I was nervous I was going to mess it up, but it was actually super intuitive and it turned out awesome. I love how the red brightens up the room, and since Ziggy is named after Bowie, I thought it was only appropriate to pay tribute to him after looking through all the available prints. They will print your own photo on the canvas as well, which I will definitely consider in the future.
If you're interested in ordering a print from Photowall, you can get 20% off with this code: 
 OnetoNothinCampaign2018 just for the next 30 days
Now, pleeeease tell me your first-real-adult/broke-af apartment stories. All a part of the adulting process, y'all. 


  1. Girl I love it! When I first got an apartment at the age of 21 I was cracking up bc I had no concept of style and décor yet so I legit brought all my random shit with me and displayed it all. it looked like a college dorm. haha!


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