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Mood & Wine Pairings

Friends, Grocery Outlet is having a massive sale on all the wine right now, and they challenged me to come up with some pairings found throughout the store. I found all kinds of good stuff, but instead of just pairing the wine with food, I thought I'd pair it with the moods or phases, if you will, that I tend to cycle through. Go ahead and press play... you know it's gonna get weird.

First up is my fancy, indulgent side. She's usually celebrating something and drinking bubbles, like this sparkling rosé. She's pretty into fancy goat or sheep cheeses, cured meats, and keeping her pinky up when drinking. 

Next up is my hyper, nostalgic side. Every once in a while my inner sorority girl just wants to make everyone do shots, but since we're grown ups now, it usually presents itself as the occasional mini beer pong game and the not-so-occasional Solo cup drinking device for Chardonnay. At the end of the night no one is more grateful for microwave burritos than I am.
Then comes my health nut phase. The one who subjects herself to 30 days of sugar, gluten, grain-free diets and 6am Mon-Fri workouts. She doesn't always drink, but when she does it's usually something light, low in sugar, and with plenty of veggies on the side. 

Finally, there's the high anxiety, low motivation version of myself who wants to wallow in chocolate, binge watch Netflix and drink all the red wine. It's a somewhat unfortunate but fully necessary state in which I am simultaneously recharging and being completely useless.

Which wines do YOU pair with your different moods?

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