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Hey yo! It's your girl, Kensie, from One to Nothin'. Today Imma be showin' you mah crib. Come on in! We'll just cruise right on past the solid gold fountain pumping Riesling out of a life-size Ryan Reynolds statue, skip right through the "cuddle room" where there are 548 puppies who never poop, grow up or chew your shoes and slide right by the self-organizing shoe room packed with color, style and heel height coordinated foot ecstasy and cut right to the good stuff, my room:
On your top left you will see my blogger-cliche affinity for chevron and Target reflected in my shower curtain and again on the bottom left in my duvet cover. If you look to the middle of the top row you will see the dresser that will be arriving this afternoon so that I will no longer have to get dressed out of a suitcase in the mornings. On the top right you will see a pretty warped and self-esteem-damaging full-length mirror followed by the sweet, sweet smell of victory that comes along with finally having curtains (and a not-so-beautiful-but-totes-necessary fan that my super cool sister bought me my first night in CA). She is also the one who got me these sweet birdy decals which my roomie's dog is already trying to hunt down and snack on. Lastly, full disclosure, my walls are white, not yellow as this photo would strongly suggest and my lamp looks a lot cooler when it's not glowing like a Katy Perry song.

Before you head out, feel free to munch on some calorie-free sour cream and onion Pringles, lactose-free Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream and the endless sushi buffet in the kitchen. Watch out for Ziggy though, she just got a new bone today and is running a train on that thing. Like, there's blood all over it and she put a hole in my new sheets trying to hide it. She also might've eaten an entire economy-sized box of milkbones (which are meant for an 80ish-pound dog), so she's got some lethal gas coming out of her, too. If I were you I'd just hang out by the fountain all day actually.

Aiight, y'all. Imma go roll around in my nickels.



  1. I was looking at getting that same duvet! Ha ha, great minds think alike :D Those bird decals are super cute!

  2. Cute post! :) I love the birdie decals. I have the butterfly ones in my bedroom.

  3. Love your crib! Very you. I think Ziggy and Bo ate the same milkbones

  4. can zig and out overeat together?! you can come too!

  5. Cute! Also thanks for getting me laughing at the end of a long day haha

  6. sooooo basically you live in heaven? is that what you're trying to say?


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