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My life paradoxes

I have several contradictions that make up my being. Here goes.

I write about my life on a public platform, share it with the whole world (aka Facebook) to see, check my stats like a heroine addict trying to get high off a spike in pageviews, cry into my chevron duvet when nobody comments and yet I don't want anyone (new) I meet in real life to know it exists.

I feel like a 10 year old, I look like a 16 year old (and my skin is acting like one lately), I'm actually a 24 year old and I keep finding gray hairs like a 40 year old.

I say I want to have Shakira's bod and yet I eat things like bacon maple funnel cakes.

I went 30 days without carbs among other unhealthy things (TWICE) and now I can't go 24 hours.

I'm a feminist and I go and write posts like this (and I did make that curtain rod my bitch, thank you very much).

I say I'm going to go HAM on running and I'm sitting on my computer blogging instead.

I crave dairy more than most other food groups and it makes my stomach explode.

I have lyrics, artists and song titles to millions (I don't even know if I'm exaggerating) of songs memorized and yet I can't remember how to drive to a location I just came from.

I won't spend 99 cents on an iPhone app but I will spend hundreds of dollars at Target on any given day.

I bare my soul on the internet but talking to strangers gives me anxiety.

I wrote this article the other day.


  1. You are adorbs. And this post is adorbs. And I'm thrilled that you made that curtain rod your bitch!! Get it girl!!!


  2. a life full of paradoxes keeps things interesting :) the first one gave me a big laugh

  3. i like all your paradoxes. also who wants to go on a no-card kick together?! i am doing that whole paleo challenge and need buddies for support!

  4. I can totally relate to quite a few of those ha ha! Especially the wanting to have an amazing body but eating junk, and knowing tons of song artists/lyrics/etc but being unable to find your way back to a place you just went.

  5. Bacon maple funnel cakes and Target can NEVER be mistakes, my friend. :)

  6. Haha oh my goodness I can relate to all of this.
    Don't worry, I think that makes us normal!

    Kate @

  7. Love this! Especially the second to last one :)

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  8. Loving paradoxes! My life is one big one.

  9. hahaha! Oh, the contrasts that make up life! I've noticed how so many people won't spend money on apps, but they'll spend it on everything else in life, and I've thought that was funny. I don't even have a smartphone so I shouldn't really talk about that, though. I'm sure I wouldn't buy apps if I did...

  10. i love all these things about you. like really for real.


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