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My Womanifesto

My Womanifesto: by MacKensie

I am a woman.

I will cry when I’m sad, touched, bleeding, overjoyed, hysterical.
I will laugh with my entire body.
I will smile ‘til my cheeks hurt, even when it freaks people out.
I will get my feelings hurt often.
I will love deeply.
I will be broken hearted.
I will heal.

My right is to wear push-up bras because they make me feel sexy.
My right is to take hours to get ready on one day & roll out of bed the next.
My right is to rock chipped nail polish at all times.
My right is to flirt to get my way. I am in control.
My right is to dance in a sexy, goofy or wildly inappropriate way.
My right is to be a rockstar.
My right is to sing as loud as I possibly can.
My right is to blast music with the windows rolled down.
My right is to party and be young (even when I’m not).
My right is to lay on the shower floor hungover the next day.
My right is to run as fast or slow as I want.
My right is to be the best sister, daughter, dog-mother, aunt and friend that I can possibly be.
My right is to keep every note, love letter, drawing, poem or birthday card I have ever received.
My right is to be sentimental.
My right is to be enthusiastic.
My right is to be terrified.

I’m going to push myself constantly. It is not my right to be comfortable all the time.

I will twirl in circles until I’m dizzy.

No longer will I miss out because it’s safer to do so.
I will dive in, no matter how much my senses object.

No longer will I dwell on the past.
No longer will I depend on a partner to make me feel whole.
I am whole.
No longer will I look in the mirror with disdainful eyes.
No longer will I try to fit in.
I am different. Different is good.
No longer will I compare myself to others.
I have come this far. 
No longer will I hold grudges; life is short.

Today is wonderful.
Tomorrow too.

I am a rocker, a cowgirl, a gangster, the girl on the hood of Whitesnake’s car, a hipster, a hippie, a prep, a sororostitute, a groupy, a feminist, a lover, a fighter, a punk, a clown, a wild card, a nerd, a jock, a freak, a gypsy, a follower, a leader, a dreamer, a lady. A woman.

It is my right to never commit to just one.

I am the very best at being me.

I embrace my imperfections.
I embrace my fair skin, freckles, big ass.
I embrace my sensitive stomach.
I embrace my even more sensitive soul.
I embrace my skepticism and my optimism.
I embrace my drive to do, be, see and achieve more.
I embrace my hunger and my fire.
I embrace my asymmetry.

I will be inappropriate. I will cuss, spit and offend many.
& I will be judged.

But I will always be tolerant of others.

I will never settle. 

I am woman. I am me.

The Militant Baker


  1. This is one of my favorites and had me giggling and nodding at the same time. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. This is beautiful. I love it all

  3. I love this and I want to do it too! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love this! And those photos are just gorgeous!

  5. I love this! Just found your blog through Aunie Sauce and I really like your style :)

    Lyndsay @

  6. Thanks for stopping by the blog today :) I JUST LOVE THIS so in fact, I think I'm going to go right now and right my own!

  7. This is one of my favorite posts. Its all true and all you. Youre perfect! xo

  8. Beautiful! Sharing it with my little sister. She could use it. :)

  9. Love this post! I just found your blog and i am glad i did! That dress is stunning!

    followed you


  10. love this! love this! love this! ALL OF IT!

    So true. So me, too :)

    New follower,



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