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Link Roundup

I do this thing where I email links to myself. I've been doing it forever, but every once in a while I realize that those links aren't going to share themselves, so I write a little link roundup. I really enjoy when other people curate good reads for me, so I'm just returning the favor. Here are some articles, clothing items, Instagrams I've enjoyed over the past few months.

Lee from America is definitely a gal to know if you're into healthy, holistic living. I love these 15 ways to self-love and her honesty about bingeing was really interesting and eye-opening.

If you don't already follow Mari Andrew on Instagram, you're really missing out. I preordered her book and it will be delivered tomorrow. I cannot wait to devour it. 

This mixtape to get your neighbors to stop boning made me LOL may too many times.

I find trend forecasts fascinating, but especially when it comes to snacks. I personally cannot wait for the healthy mocktails, and I'm fully intrigued by pickled watermelon rinds. 

I just bought this oversized denim jacket (I sized up to a medium) so I can cover it with pins and patches. I love the deep pockets and how easy it is to layer sweaters underneath--go figure it's on sale a week after I bought it. 

Never have I ever related more to a personal essay about relationships. In my torrid dating past, I've both been the person who felt too unsettled in my career to move forward with someone who had his shit together, and vice versa. TIMING IS EVERYTHING, and it's frankly a pain in my ass. 

I'm really loving the main writers at Man Repeller lately (besides Leandra, who I've always loved), and this love language quiz for dating made me chuckle. What's YOUR dating love language? 

I thought this blog post about wanting to be seen, but being afraid to admit it, was beautiful. Everyone needs validation, guys. 

One of the weirder hippie dippy trends I've read about lately: tapping. Have you tried it? Would you? What about dry brushing?

I'm so inspired by the brilliant teens leading this movement. I can't wait until they're in office. I didn't get to march this past Saturday, but I was there in spirit and I tear up every time I see them making moves to end gun violence. #NeverAgain 

I definitely hit a wall as far as Does This Have Dairy? goes.. but in the spirit of just freaking starting, I went ahead and made that bad boy public. There is so much I don't know about building a functioning website, and it's not really a thing I have time to learn right now, but I really do believe in this project, so I'm putting it out there. Check out my lactose intolerance story here. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I refuse to let perfectionism stop me from starting. I'll figure it out as I go. Y'all with me? What have you been putting off because the stars haven't aligned? For me, inspiration comes from doing and dedication, so sometimes I need to just do a few jumping jacks, or take a walk, get started and press publish.

Let me know in the comments what you've been putting off. I'm giving you permission, right here, right now, to do it, whether you think you're ready or not. Leggoooo.


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