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Florida and such

GREAT NEWS: I found my hair straightener. I know you guys were worried sick, but it's okay. You can rest easy now knowing that I left not only my hair straightener but also my hair brush in the hall bathroom at home in Florida over Christmas. I replaced the brush (I haven't given up quite yet) but I've been going sans flat iron for too long. Okay, yea, whatever, it's straight anyway- SHUT UP. It has sentimental value.

About those photos up there.. before flying to the sunshine state (which was significantly colder than the Bay the entire time I was there, btdubz) I went on a fun expedition down Piedmont Ave in Oakland where I found the world's cutest store full of all the hipster tchotchkes I never knew I needed. And yes, I did just learn how to spell 'tchotchke.' Thanks for asking! I bought truffle mayo because duh, and that's where I found these adorable wall hanging things with cute plants in them. That cactus, though, ohhh that fuzzy little babe is all mine and I love him.
Then I arrived at mi familia's house where I proceeded to cuddle with that silly lookin' golden retriever up there and drink the wine my sister was "saving" while catching up on all the shows I don't watch anymore. The next day I got to watch one of my favorite people (the one I went on this cruise with and who gifted me the demon watch) marry a cool dude and party with all my friends I've known and loved since high school. I was supposed to fly out Sunday evening, but my flight was cancelled so I went to visit my broseph in Orlando where someone was writing a love note in the sky. 
Then, even though I got three hours of sleep, I managed to enjoy the crap out of my Presidents Day back on the west coast by reuniting with my pup, taking her to the park, eating Thai food and watching a smut movie in IMAX (#50shadesofDONTJUDGEME). That about sums up my weekend.

How was yours?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Florida! I love finding neat little shops -- especially when they are filled with unique and fun items. The wedding looked gorgeous!

  2. Sentence I never thought I'd say: that's the cutest little cactus! aw.
    Pretty wedding. Pretty lady. Glad you enjoyed!

  3. I love those bridesmaid's dresses. Also snuggling with puppies, drinking wine, and watching tv is one of my favorite pastimes.

  4. We both talked about truffle butter in our posts this week. We're never going to be older than twelve, right? Good. Don't wanna be.

    Also, can we draw a face on the cactus?

  5. judging you only a little. but oh my goodness that wedding looks so fun! and you're so pretty! and puppy snuggles are my fave and now i just need a puppy of mine own.


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