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Valentine's Day Blogmopolitan Quiz

Since I jumped on Erin's Blogmopolitan quizzes one and two, I figured I couldn't miss out on the Valentine's Day themed one even if it is based on the foreign-around-here subject of love. I'm in Florida for a wedding this weekend, so I'll be spending my Valentine's Day at the open bar with my best friend Jessica as my date. How will you be spending this ooey gooey weekend? Happy Friday!

PS: Be sure to enter the Mint Julep Boutique giveaway--you have five days left and there aren't very many entries so far! Get on it!


  1. Have fun in Florida my dear! I would nickname you sweet milky cocoa tits, but that's just me.

  2. A guy ignoring his phone on a first date is a must! I definitely would rather they ignored it on EVERY date too :D

  3. This makes me like you even more than I already do because your answers are so.... not lame. Is that weird?


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