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Flat Iron Curls

Misikko.com contacted me a while ago and asked if I would be willing to do a review of their Hana Pro 1" flat iron on this here blog, and considering I haven't bought a new straightener since about 2007, I jumped at the chance. I was already super excited for a new flat iron, but when I received the package, I opened it up to find ALL these goodies..
There was a lot of excited shrieking on my part. It had Valentine's Day chocolates, a high-quality hair brush, a case for the straightener, a pad for the hot iron to rest on without damaging any counter tops, dissolvable bath roses, elf eye shadow, makeup brush and eyelash curler, and last but not least, a super creepy angel ornament. Not really sure where that one fits in, but I loved it anyway. Needless to say, I was already pretty pumped about this brand just by the packaging, but I knew I had to try out the iron a few times before I gave it an honest review. Luckily I wasn't disappointed.
My hair is naturally wavy, but there's really not a whole lot of crazy kinks or anything in it. However, living in Florida where the humidity can get ridiculous, a good flat iron is important for keeping my frizz from getting out of control. Above on the left, you can see what my hair looks like after just brushing and blow drying it and the photo on the right is after using the Hana pro flat iron. I put it on the highest heat setting (it ranges from 140 to 460 degrees) and it was hot after only five minutes and it continued to heat up as I was straightening. I like how thin the barrel is and how light weight the iron is, especially since I tried curling my hair with this iron as well (and I have a lot of hair, so my arm usually gets tired). It was super easy and consistent. I usually have some issues curling my hair with my Chi flat iron as far as having a couple perfect curls while the rest are awkward kinky curls. I definitely think the straightening capabilities are comparable to my Chi. My hair stayed straight and frizz-free for a few days straight. I used it this past weekend for my crazy adventures (nobody got time to shower!) and it stayed stick straight the entire time. Also, I made my first video! I had never ever used iMovie before, so don't judge my skills just yet, but here's a video of me making my hair all curly with my new flat iron. And here's what it looked like the next day after sleeping on them.

Have you ever tried any of Missiko's products? Thoughts? How do you feel about vlogs? Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, friends. Have a great Tuesday.


  1. AHHHHH - that all looks f'ing AWESOME.
    that being said - i'm practically obsessed with you so anything you do is amazing.

  2. I've been hearing so much about this thing! And I have no idea how to curl my hair so maybe using a straightener would make it easier for me. Great review!

  3. This vlog is great! I've never quite understood how curling with a flatiron works, until now! I wonder how well it would work for me, though! Did you ever use this method when you had long hair?

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