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Demon neon watch & other Friday things

I have this little neon green digital watch that my friend got me before we went on a cruise so we wouldn't get drunk and miss the boat (you can read more about it here). I really loved that thing. It was waterproof and it matched her neon pink one, so we wore them the entire time. I recently rekindled my love for it by taking it on my runs so I can run four minutes, walk one minute without crashing and breaking my neck by trying to look at my phone strapped stanknastily to my arm (not that it helps because this ish still happens on the daily). Anyway, this simple little watch can only do a couple things: time, stopwatch, alarm. So it seems like it would be pretty easy to figure out which button does what, right? There are only four buttons after all. WRONG. Some how, some way, after owning this bad boy for over two years (never changed the battery, nothing) it managed to set an alarm for 11:43pm. And I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out how to turn it off.

Every night when I know I should be sleeping (although I'm usually blogging) I'm reminded of how I'm not, in fact, sleeping and that I am, in fact, a pawn in this little vindictive green bastard of a wrist watch's game. It's currently 10:15 (I got an early start!) and I'm already dreading that incessant beeping. It's just long enough to suck pretty hard, but usually not long enough to make me get out of the comfort of my bed to find it and make it stop (temporarily, of course, because we all know that the most dependable thing in my life is that damn beeping every night). I feel like one night it's not going to go off and it's going to be super ominous..

There are a lot of things I want to do. Little things. Of course there are big things, too, but I recently started a bet that bans me from drinking alcohol (and if I lose, you guys will definitely know about it because the other participant will be taking over this here blog for 24 hours.. You scared, bro? I am). But I think this will help me focus on things I've been wanting to do, like reading. I haven't finished a single book since I moved out here. I don't even know why (yes I do, who wants to read when you're hung over?), I found time to put together a 1,000-piece puzzle (and you can bet your bottom dollar I hummed to myself and took my pants off like Winston did. Did anyone else laugh like a hyena throughout the entire season premier of New Girl?!). I also haven't been taking cool photos for your bloggie eyes to feast on, just crappy iPhone ones, or even dressing myself properly for that matter. I've worn the same necklace and maybe pair of earrings on the days that I even bother to do that, and my boots officially have flapping mouths on the bottoms of them now.  

There was a big fat damper on my exercise schedule this week due to a very sore, bruised and scraped up body (excuses, excuses) but I did run today and I didn't fall, so I call that a win. And I even upgraded from 5-pounders to 10-pounders in my Revolt workouts (workout. Singular. I did one all week.) So needless to say, this weekend won't be filled with drunken debauchery, but instead it will be filled with reading, writing, hiking, babysitting, photo-taking and, let's be real, probably New Girl Season 2 Netflix watching. I hope you all drink your faces off and Snapchat me the evidence.

Now let us join hands and back our azzes up with Whitney.


  1. I stopped drinking a couple years ago (it was a little out of hand, to put it lightly), and it was amazing how much more I got done and how much better I felt. Thank goodness for no more hangovers! I do drink once in a blue moon, but that's it.
    Hope you have a productive weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh, alarms that you can't figure out how to turn off are THE WORST. Best of luck, girl!

  3. Haha no drinking bet sounds like an intervention. Whenever I "take a break from drinking" my mom is convinced I'm pregnant. Good luck!

  4. This is hilarious because I accidentally set the alarm on my matching pink watch. Mine goes off sometime around 6 AM. Daniel absolutely hates it.

  5. CHEERS to no booze.
    which is so, so depressing. BUT CHEERS. also cheers to new girl because DUH.


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