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What does a fox say?

You know how I keep saying I've been spamming the shiz out of my own inbox with a plethora of brilliant ideas that are supposed to be the bulbs of bloggie post blooms (alliteration, bitches)? Well, it turns out they're all just going to come together to make one big, flamboyant, Glee-worthy finale number complete with sashays, piourettes, an unlikely exchange between frenemies that makes them united once again and a second place trophy. 

Check out all of the thises.

This. The only thing better than lesbian twins making sweet, sweet music? Lesbian dog twins making sweet, sweet music. (Thanks for sending this to me, Brooke)

This. Who wants to buy me a ticket? No, but seriously. Go to this with me and I will love you forever. (yea, you, Shannon..)

This. I don't think I've ever wished I had a boyfriend who had a horrible, horrible tattoo before, but suddenly I do. I want it bad.

This. It's about time people started making up words that describe feelings that are indescribable. I've totally been here before.

This. I'm all about that self love (even though sometimes I don't act like it. Sorry, self).

This. Half my office was crying from laughing (craughing?) because of this one today. 

This. Me too, man. Me too. (He used to work at my office before my time..)

This. Probably the best thing I've ever read from The Huffington Post. "All I'm saying is if I were a yeast, I would want to live in your yoga pants."

This. bahahaha.

This. New Grouplove album FINALLY. Spreading Rumours. I luuuurve it.

This. So freaking epic. I can't even begin to understand, but I love it so hard. (Thanks for sending me this, Britni)

This. If you don't click on any of the other links in this list, please check this one out. I think you might just learn a little more about me and my beliefs from it. Both sides make me very happy and I often wish I could have conversations just like this with people, but unfortunately most of the time differences in opinions (especially religious ones) don't go like this at all.

I hope you all have a lovely day.


  1. THAT TATTOO. lol Oh how I wish she had posted the story of WHY he got that! :D

  2. ahhh i just watched that last link the other day. it is completely how i feel about religion, i don't care what you believe. just don't be a dick about your beliefs.

  3. MERP! i so so so wish i was flying to CA and going to that concert with you!


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