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A touching love story.. about eggs.

I've been consumed with thoughts of food lately. Cooking it, buying it, eating it. I can't stop. And I don't even want to. This does, however, make blogging slightly harder because all I want to do is show you guys all the awesome food in my life and the majority of you are not interested in that sort of thing. Still, the other thing that's been consuming my brain is Parks and Recreation (because Netflix and I have some pretty serious sparks flying between us and I'm already up to date on Community), so instead of showing you some recipe I cleverly followed the directions for, I thought I'd give you some insight into the love that Leslie, Ron and I share: a breakfast obsession. 
I think it all started when I was about 6 years old. I'm guessing this age because "A Goofy Movie" came out in 1995 and I very specifically remember my little mouth drooling over the cheesy pizza goodness in the hotel with the water bed scene when I smelled real life eggs cooking. It was dinner time btdubz, which I feel like is important to point out considering how much I love breakfast but hate waking up early.
My cousin, who would have also been 6 at the time, was making said eggs, so I was intrigued. While I had never had much interest in eggs or any food that wasn't ice cream, McDonald's or wiener schnitzel before this point (wiener schnitzel is still my favorite, just go with it), the fact that my cousin was able to make it and he liked it, I would too. I immediately tasted it, loved it and made him teach me (and I'm guessing my aunt was involved since two six-year-olds playing with hot frying pans just sounds like a bad idea, but then again we used to do flips off the tree house onto the trampoline and sweep the roof together..). The trick was adding a splash of milk and lots of butter, I think. Either way, it was the perfect "Goofy Movie" snack. Who needs popcorn when you have scrambled eggs? NO ONE, that's who.
I don't think I learned how to cook a damn thing again until after college, but I was stoked to have this particularly succulent dish under my culinary belt. I've since expanded my exclusive love for scrambled eggs to include sunny-side ups, elaborate omelets, quiches, boiled eggs, benedicts and holy balls, why are eggs so delicious? Then of course there's bacon. All the bacon. Always. Sausage, waffles, pancakes, biscuits, toast, jelly, mimosas and obviously Bloody Marys, they all get my heart racing. I guess that's why I've decided to document all the breakfast I've ever created/consumed/creeped on in my phone despite the rather homogenous appearance and seemingly useless nature of this hoarding habit. Here's a collage of them anyway.
Just bask in the Sriracha dots and try to tell me breakfast isn't the best thing ever. Yep that's all I got for you today, friends. Happy hump day.


  1. I am totally interested in all of the food in your life! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I can't get enough of eggs. Sometimes I eat eggs all day long when I'm too lazy to make anything else. Eggs with sriracha? Even better.

    Ashley, Married to the Game

  2. ok so many things 1) goofy movie is one of my favs 2) in college we had a volleyball tourney in cali and they had wiener schnitzels all over. every time my coach would drive the team van by one she would roll down her window, honk her horn, and scream wiener schnitzel!!!!! it was embarrassing. 3) i can't stop watching ben and leslie fall in love. 4) i am hungry.

  3. So glad you mentioned what the red dots were because I was sitting here wondering. And eggs are awesome!! Sadly, since being deathly ill in 2011, I can only eat them sometimes. Usually I will take a nausea med if I know that they are going to be prepared and cross my fingers that I'm able to keep them down because they are so good. We had a neighbor that would bring us farm eggs from her Mom's farm and Oh Em Gee.. delish! Anyway-- My fiance loves this one "egg dish" that I make-- toast bread, add a little mayo and put cheese on the toast while it's still warm. Brown/cook two pieces of sandwich meat (usually it's ham) and place on the cheese and then fry two eggs and leave the yolk to where it will be runny. Put the sandwich together and allow it to sit for a minute or two so that cheese will melt (sometimes I add an extra slice of cheese too). This makes one messy, scrumptious breakfast sandwich! Also, you should try French Toast (it's super yummy if you put some cinnamon & a touch of sugar in the eggs) and Eggs in a Hole :)

  4. "People are idiots, Leslie" -- hahaha thank you for the awesome laugh to start my Wednesday. I can't do sunny side up, it strangely makes me gag, but scrambled are my jam. Annnnd we're discussing eggs hahaha!

  5. i lose my shit over eggs in all forms.
    and also parks and rec.
    and also community.

  6. I am a borefest when it comes to eggs. Show me when you come to Portland or when I come down there!?

  7. Reasons why you're the best:
    1) You know specific scenes from A Goofy Movie, which I watched on a near-daily basis for months, and is still in my top 5; and
    2) Schnitzel is your favorite food. Schnitzel is MY favorite food!!!!! (Well it was before the gluten allergy, but still... if I had the promise of a really well-prepared schnitzel, I would pop some benadryl like a champ and go to town)


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