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San Diego Adventures

Thursday night I bought a plane ticket and flew out to San Diego the next morning. I explored book stores, antique shops, beaches, swanky hotels, gardens and breweries while spending time with old friends and new ones. I even found a sand castle artist and a Bloody Mary with candied bacon in it. It was pretty magical. Cheers to spontaneous adventures!


  1. I am beyond impressed by this post <3

  2. I'm uber jealous! Looks like SO much fun!! Next time-- I wanna go :)

  3. I literally just got back from San Diego too! I stayed at the Del for a week and stayed right by that sweet little sand castle. Glad you had fun!

  4. now hurry up and come do this in portland

  5. that's it. i'm calling off this stupid wedding and uprooting my whole life so i can move in with you and live happily ever after.


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