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Come, let us dance like children of the night!

I have some really big goals and ambitions (is that repetitive and redundant?) for this life of mine, but there's one that I've been working on for quite some time now and failing miserably at despite my appropriately located Bay Area self..
And it absolutely has to do with finding a vodka and tomato juice drink adorned with epic amounts of food. Bring on the Bloody Marys, y'all.
This is serious. I've told many a person about this goal of mine and I have yet to do jack diddly squat about it. The few times I've tried, I ended up with a glass of spicy V8 with a lime wedge stuck on the side. In other words, a big fat pile of disappointment.
So who's down to help me fulfill my dreams by finding the Bay Area's most bacon-filled, olive-stuffed, celery-swamped, sushi-gorged Bloody Mary with me? Bay Bloody Blate? Yea?
And if we were to find this one, my life would be made. Like, complete. I'm drooling looking at this picture right now. Ridiculous. In fact maybe we shouldn't, because I'd probably just take a sip (after several bites) and just float up to heaven right then and there, and we all know I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. So let's get PISSED.


  1. I love food filled bloody mary's! A few weeks ago, a restaurant had a pic of a yummy, garnish filled, celery salt rimmed beauty. I ordered quickly. I received it, and it had no garnish or salt. I cried a little, then hollered something about false advertising.

  2. I am SO in, seriously. I adore bloody marys and need to find the good ones in the city.

  3. I would totally eat the food, but I would give you the blood mary ;D

  4. OMG! I love bloody marys and being that I live ten minutes from the beach where every resort has contests for making the best marys around, I feel like I'm in heaven but these pictures are going to be in my dreams forever! I'm just dying over the sushi mary!

  5. MMMMMM bloodies are my fave. Super intrigued by the one with the cali roll in it!

  6. LOL. Just looking at that makes my stomach hurt. How does one consume it? But you know what? Good luck, lady friend. May the force be with you.

    XO, Samm

  7. bloody marys are my absolute favorite ever!

    and that song, perfect!

  8. Burger in a bloody mary!?! I'm not sure why that happens but I wish it happened more often! Good luck!!

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  9. Hell. Yes. I'll take mine with olives, Guinness, topped with bacon and a cheeseburger, please.

  10. ummmm so you know how i keep telling you to come to wisconsin?
    now i know how i will officially lure you here.

    1. the wicked hop in milwaukee has BOOTS of bloody marys loaded up with all the food fixings and you will die.
    2. sobelman's


  11. That is some of the oddest most intriguing drink garnish I have ever seen!

  12. This looks amazing!!! I never knew they shoved so much food (and sushi!) into a bloody mary! I always just got excited if I got asparagus and beans in mine. If I was in the bay area I would totally take this on with you. I don't think Seattle has food stuffed Bloody Marys. womp womp. I'll still search though.

  13. I dislike bloody marys. Sorry. But I'll gladly take a tour de las mimosas while accompanying you on your search for the perfect bloody!


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