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Why We Work

We work because she licks my face when I cry and my legs when I'm sweaty.
We work because her paws smell like Fritos and her fur never stinks no matter how long she goes without a bath.
We work because she doesn't judge me when I eat a pint of froyo while watching movies on a Friday night (in fact she helps me finish it), or when I don't change out of my pjs for 24 hours, or when I binge watch Netflix tv shows, or when I'm so hungover I can't move.
We work because she's so lazy and tired in the morning that she poops as quickly as possible so she can get back in bed before I leave for work.
We work because she's always down for running and adventures.
We work because she snuggles with me even when I don't shave my legs for weeks.
We work because we both love Cosmo and carrots.
And finally, we work because she doesn't get offended when I call her a sausage.
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  1. Ziggy baby! Adorable photo collection <3

  2. Dogs are the best! I think they are better than most people.

  3. Dropping in from the link-up... What a great post! Anyone who really loves their dog is golden in my book!

  4. I love your Target comforter set! I almost bought the same one until something at IKEA caught my eye. My pup and I are the exact same way! :)

  5. AWE! This made me laugh! I think your pup is better than any romantic relationship :-) I just popped over from The Daily Tay! I have been loving reading what everyone has to say!

  6. That's true love, right there! Nothing can come between a girl and her dog.

  7. Just found your blog through the link-up and am loving this post! Fritos paws are the best.

  8. pahaha so cute that this is about your puppy! you have some really adorable shots of her too


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