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Sexy, awkward & adorbz

What's Valentine's Day without a collage, amIright? Seriously, though, how much of a badass would I be if I rocked those sexy leather boots on v-day with an otherwise totally tame LBD? I love them. They're perfect for romantic adventures because they're made of real leather with soft, durable soles (none of that hidden heel crap), and if you know me well, you probably already know that the romantic kind are some of my favorite kinds of adventures (see all the other colors and options here). Anyway, add some pretty gold polish, some quirky earrings and an extremely awkward (yet way too relatable) card and you've got yourself a day full of hearts and stuff. And just for funsies, here's a flashback to one year ago.
Here's a lovey dovey playlist, so if you hate love don't press play, also maybe don't leave your house today.
(and in case you don't have Spotify..)


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