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The Sunday Currently

R E A D I N G "The Paris Wife." I've been destroying some novels lately and the past two were really, really great. I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet, but any insight, fiction or not, into Hemingway is pretty fascinating to me.

W R I T I N G.. more like not writing enough. I haven't even come close to checking 'freelancing' off my list of resolutions. But let's be real, the majority of my resolutions have dissolved by now anyway. 

L I S T E N I N G to a sexy version of "No Diggity" by Chet Faker and to Ziggy whining because she wants my food.

T H I N K I N G about love and relationships, what makes them work or not and wondering why they're so damn hard.

S M E L L I N G the breakfast I just devoured: a sausage omelette with lemon-drenched avocado and coffee.

W I S H I N G I had the funds to hop on a plane every weekend (and that Ziggy was small enough to do so with me). I'm craving adventure.

H O P I N G to get some clarity soon. My next move is very hazy and I'm ready to start forming a real plan, but it's overwhelming and easier to binge watch Parks & Rec instead.

W E A R I N G yoga pants covered in dog hair and a turkey trot t-shirt. I'm oozing sensuality right now. Try to contain yourself.

L O V I  N G coffee. I always drink the most coffee on lazy Sunday mornings. 

W A N T I N G a makeover for this blog. It's been way too long and I am in no place to figure out how to do it myself. Any volunteers?

N E E D I N G to do a long run. I know I'll feel so much better after I do and yet I still have no desire to put on my running gear.

F E E L I N G disappointed but hopeful, and grateful that I have this space to work such feelings out in.



  1. And you went for that run! And killed it! I'd volunteer to help on the blog design but let's be real, It'd be horrible.

  2. I read the Paris Wife last summer and while I didn't love it, I did enjoy learning about a part of Hemingway's life I didn't know much about

  3. kailyn marie did my blog and she is legitskies.


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