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What I Wore

top: Kohl's / leggings: Agnes and Dora / boots: Nine West (similar)
The best thing about a new haircut is trying all the hairstyles you've gotten so used to doing and seeing how different they look. I think these flat iron curls are my favorite so far. Using less shampoo, clogging the drain less and cutting down on drying time are also pretty high on the benefits-of-new-hair list. But let's be real here, the star of this photo shoot is definitely the Agnes and Dora leggings. Acquiring them was one of my November goals and they're the comfiest, softest, cutest things in my dresser. They were a gift, too, so they're extra special. Now I just need collect them in every pattern and pair them with the softest sweater ever so I can snuggle myself until the end of time. That is all.

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  1. reallllly don't think those leggings would look nearly as cute on me.

    1. also, brett dennen makes my heart so, so happy. his lyrics are even the tattoo on my foot :)

  2. Love those leggings! I don't think I could pull them off but they are freaking cute on you!

  3. Love the leggings!! And those flat-iron curls!

  4. cute leggings and def a bonus that they're super soft. i've never tried flatiron curls but they look awesome on you.


  5. Whhaaaa. As I read this, that song was already playing on my spotify. I see what you did there!

    Look cute as always!

  6. I love those leggings, so cute!!

  7. I've been wanting a (or ten) pair of those leggings! I love that pattern!


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