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November goals

I'm a week late for this whole November goals thing, but I've finally disposed of the insect-infested pumpkins and I no longer feel bombarded by spirit gummed on fake scars (although some guy decided to send me this yesterday), so I'm doing it now. These are the things I hope to accomplish this month:

Get my headlight changed. This may sound simple, but considering it took me over two months to get the last one changed, this might be more difficult than it seems.
Drink 3 liters of water a day. I've been going strong since Monday and I'm pretty sure I'm squeezing in extra cardio running back and forth from the bathroom every five minutes. I've also been drinking my magic face potion like a champ.
Volunteer. I've been extremely aware of my inability to help others monetarily lately and I would like to know that at least some of my time is spent in a charitable way.
Three long runs. Last Saturday I got a 6 mile run in, but it's been too many weeks since I completed an actual long run (or fell during a run for that matter!). I'd also really like it if my body would allow me to wake up even just 30 flipping minutes earlier so I could run while the sun is still up (this time change is destroying my cardio routine), and while we're on the subject, I aim to find the mythical marathon I've been training for so that I can sign up for it as soon as my bank account will allow.
Make horchata. Partly because of the Vampire Weekend song but mostly because it sounds delicious and I've never had it.
Acquire these leggings. I've been obsessing for too long. I need a pair. Does anyone know if they run big or small? Homegirl's got a booty.
Finish a book. I'm currently reading two, but sometimes I stretch one book into several months because I forget or I just don't make time for it. November, I think, is a perfectly perfect month to make time for reading. And tea drinking. And cuddling. All of which I hope to do this month.

Here's my week in fitness (notice the lack of runnage? So sad):

Saturday: 6 mile run
Monday: Abs playlist
Thursday: Total Body Playlist x2

What are your goals this month?


  1. I always feel like a bad Mexican for not liking horchata. But i do like the song! I have a goal of running at least 5 miles without stopping. I think I might be close yay!

  2. i bought some leggings similar to that off amazon and they ran on the small side... mainly they didnt have a ton of stretch in them.

  3. please tell me what books you're reading. right. meeyow.


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