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With one headlight

I think I failed to tell you guys about my broken headlight. See, a couple months ago one of my headlights went out for presumably the first time since I was 15 (yea, Betty's getting old and so am I. Are they really supposed to last nine years?), so obviously, knowing I'm inadequate when it comes to vehicular and life-icular things, I put off replacing it for as long as I could. Like, I drove around for at least two months with one headlight, Wallflowers style. After my dad reminded me 647 times and I was all dressed up for a bloggy photo shoot with nowhere to go, I decided to go do the damn thing. 

After a weird phone call that went something like, "Hey, my headlight is out. Can I come in to have it fixed?" "Uh... hang on. Hey Mike.. Feel like changing a headlight? ha..ha... yea, come in." I went in to have an awkward exchange with Mike about "Who told you we change headlights?" and "Yea, we don't usually do this." Okay, so naturally I wanted to leave as soon as possible and said no when he asked, "Do you want to replace both of them?" This was on a Sunday. That Monday morning when I went to unlock my car, I saw that the other headlight is now out. And thus the cycle starts over. I'll keep you updated on how long it takes me finally call back awkward Mike. 

But on a more exciting note, Coach is back on "New Girl," annnnd I bought tickets to see Not So Silent Night 2013 in Oakland December 6! It's going to be rad. In celebration, I made this playlist featuring all the bands that will be performing. Enjoy your Thursday, my friends.


  1. Hey Mike.... can we fix another headlight for this pretty gal right here?! uhhhh... sure!

  2. haha! I'm totally incapable of fixing anything car related too and I'm sure the lightbulb is one of the easiest things ever...oh well! :p

  3. Wow. Nine years seems like a pretty long lifetime for a headlight. Good to know! Also good to know that apparently changing headlights isn't part of the mechanic's job description. Good luck with Awkward Mike.

  4. Mike is probably pretty sure you have a crush on him and pulled the whole, "Oh, my. My other headlight went out too?? What ever shall I do? I hope there's a big, strapping man to save me" routine and he's stoked out of his mind about it.

  5. Now I have that song in my head. Wah!

  6. ummm weird encounter contest win goes to you.
    like do they not want your money?


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