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This is apropos of nothing

Today I present to you another one of my sister Britni's art projects (see her previous ones here, here and here). For this project she combines negative space with clever word play to create a fun statement piece or the perfect addition to a gallery wall (that sounded fancy, didn't it?). First she found this poster lying around the house.
Then using those stick-on letters we grew so fond of when scrambling to create a backboard for our science fair projects the night before they were due back in middle school, she arranged them on the poster in the phrase "This is apropos of nothing." I guess you could use any phrase, quote or song lyric, but this one kills me. Try to beat it. I dare you.
Next she painted over the letters with white paint, covering it completely, and peeled the letters off once it dried.
Ta da! The quick and painless DIY perfect for starting conversations and confusing the eff out of people who had no idea how to spell "apropos."


  1. I saw this project on Pinterest when I was trying to decorate my apartment and I failed so bad. I need to try again!

  2. It turned out so cute! I tried something similar but with Cricut letters and it definitely didn't turn out so well.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! In need of cool crafts like this for the near future.

  4. UMMMMM your sister is awesome.
    have her make me like 12 of them.


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