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I'm never taking off this sweater.

 Sweater: LC with Kohl's / Necklace: Excessory Exchange / Boots: Nine West
If you see me in the next couple months, just know that I will be wearing this sweater. It's my favorite thing ever. Like, I want to buy the other color available and maybe 13 more just so I can keep wearing them and never wash them for fear of losing the pure fuzzy perfection. I may not have been a Laguna/Hills fan (a sin considering the years I attended high school), but I am DEFINITELY Team LC now thanks to this sweater. 

I'm weird-cat-lady obsessed with comfy wearables right now. If anyone knows where I can just buy really cheap, crazy soft sweaters that cover my butt so I can just wear leggings all day every day, my life will be complete. I barely even care if they look cute, that's how much I want to be wearing soft, fuzzy, shapeless apparel lately. Also, why are those crazy thick and beautimous looking socks so much more expensive than 12 pairs of normal socks? I don't even actually need these things, I just want them to peek out of my boots so I can pretend to be fashionable, so the least they could do is make them cheap, am I right? (And don't tell me the cut the sleeves off my sweaters and use them instead because I need all of my sweaters no matter how old and dingy they might be)

Happy hump day, friends!

PS: Do any of you crazy kids Tumble? I decided to give her a try. Check out OTN on Tumblr and teach me how to do the things.

PPS: Can someone give me a pat on the back for taking selfies in public-ish? There were at least three strangers who walked by and I even smiled at them. This is a huge accomplishment in awkward-Kensie-land.

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  1. Totally cute outfit and I'm loving the scenery where the photos were taken. In Pensacola, FL.. we don't have changing of the leaves, just beaches. The other day I was shopping online at Old Navy and I saw some great sweaters, also Target had some great sweaters last year.. I'm a big fan of Argyle and I was able to find some in the men's dept (they weren't too manly or anything).

  2. Oh God I love LC - even if she's quickly turning into the Martha Stewart of our generation. Love the public selfies, own it girl!

  3. LC is my homegirl. although have to admit Lo was my fav. lastly, here is my tumblr http://blsmith6.tumblr.com/ add me. you'll find more music there too. and lastly, can we talk about the cropped sweater trend? frick, i don't want it cropped. i want it HUGE and BAGGY and LONG to cover my ass. ugh.

  4. Great sweater :) Thanks for the follow and let me know how the Arctic Monkeys show is! :) Super psyched for you! -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Oh, you'll take it off.
    To give to me.
    Thank you.
    Britt @ One&20

  6. I actually really love LC's kohls line! I always feel a little embarrassed to admit it though! She has some great basic and simple pieces which is what I love about it..that and it's always on sale for a good price! Great pics!

  7. i can barely take selfies in the car because i'm horrified people will see me.


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