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Buns of steel

I'm really happy it's almost (slash by the time you read this, is) Friday and that Emma took this photo of me. Also, I had two glasses of wine tonight and 'lightweight' is an understatement. I feel like maybe I should douse myself in mud and have photo shoots in random parking lots more often (everybody's got a water buffalo). This week's workouts were rubbish, and by that I mean I ran a grand total of 4.2 miles for the whole week--womp, womp. But today is the first and that means we start anew and we sure as hell do a long run this weekend. Hold me to that, my friends. I've got a trail run coming up in just a few weeks, and playing in mud/curling my five pounders is not going to cut it in the training department. Here are the things I did do throughout the week:

Saturday: Mud Factor
Sunday: Sore with muddy hair..
Monday: Ran 2.13 miles + Frisky Fall Routine (x4)
Tuesday: Zilch
Wednesday: Toned thighsLose those love handles
Thursday: This is depressing..

Have you guys listened to the new Arcade Fire album? I'm conflicted.. Tell me your thoughts!

Happy Friday!


  1. can't say i am a big fan of the new arcade fire album. maybe after a few more listens i will be

  2. Heading to Disney for a run but have got to try the mud run sometime soon.
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  3. I haven't listened to the whole album but I just got that song for free on iTunes and still need to listen to it!


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