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Weekend Shenanigans

My weekend was awesome, y'all. Friday night Emma and I got an amazing vegan pizza because she's that friend that is willing to split a vegan cheese pizza when she could be indulging in real life cheese. That's true friendship right thurr. We spent the rest of the night laughing and going to bed early so we could wake up bright and early for the mud run.
Yep, those are the argyle boxer briefs previously mentioned. They went on under the norts and accompanied the sweet tiger tees. As soon as we got there, we got tatted up and rocked our new Mud Factor handkerchiefs.
We lined up at the starting line for the 12:30 heat and listened to the announcer describe everyone's costumes. He was talked about each group of people in detail according to their costumes and when he got to us, he said, "...Regular white girls. I like that." Rude. We clearly were tigers and not just regular white girls, but we got a chuckle out of it. Three miles and tons of mud, ropes, rocks, walls and slides later, we collected our medals, scrubbed the mud off my teeth and drove our dirty selves back home..
But before we got far, we got distracted by enormous buffalo statues, so we pulled over, obviously. We then had a muddy photo shoot. There was a moose, many old timey tractors and appliances and there was even a giant shoe house with an extremely creepy woman peeking through the window.
Later on we decided to carve pumpkins to the soundtrack of a pretty sweet Halloween playlist while drinking Gatorade out of dinosaur sippy cups (see previous comment about Emma being awesome). While carving these pumpkins I couldn't help but think about how this time last year I had a completely different attitude toward these types of traditions. It feels really great to reclaim them and start new ones. I spent Sunday celebrating fall by taking photos, drinking hot tea, crafting, watching Netflix and playing with my pup. I'm excited to show off the products of my Sunday later on this week, but for now I have more puppy snuggling and Netflix watching to do.

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  1. but no really, i need a tiger shirt.

  2. I love seeing people do mud runs! It always looks so much fun! Jealous about the pumpkin carving—Halloween activities are really missing from France.

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  3. your weekend looked awesome. i'm jealous. not sure if I could handle the mud run but the idea sounds appealing!


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