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A fall photo shoot with the sausage

Dress: LC / Sweater: American Rag / Boots: Nine West / Ring: Craft Festival / Earrings: Target

I had so much fun taking these photos. Maybe it was because Ziggy was being a perfect little model, maybe it's because I didn't pay full price for any of the clothing I was wearing (thank you, Plato's & TJMaxx), maybe it was because I managed to to take all of these without being spotted by any other human beings or maybe it was because autumn weather in California is so wonderful that you can't go outside without feeling at least 3 times happier. It's a totally weird hobby taking bajillions of photos of yourself and posting them on the internet day after day, and I know there are some people out there who find it supremely annoying, but it's moments like these caught on film that make me warm and fuzzy inside. Hopefully one day I'll incessantly take photos of myself all cuddled up with my super adorbz fiancee or my chubby cheeked, drooling babes waddling around, but for now it's me, Ziggy and some discount clothes and I'm pretty dang happy about it.


  1. Love that outfit!! Ziggy is precious!

  2. Oh Plato's! I need to make a trip there again soon!


  3. I love, love, love your dress and boots! So cute!

  4. zigs!!! what a ham. also, i need to be better about shopping at TJs. and not the trader joes kind.

  5. Hey, great sweater, I would definitely be channeling my inner Clint Eastwood in such a rad poncho lookalike! I'm glad you had a willing model companion too, so cute :)
    I'm visiting from the WIWW linkup!
    Kitty & Buck

  6. loving that cardigan/sweater! so cute



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