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DIY Stick Antlers

I haven't tried getting crafty on good ole One to Nothin' in quite some time, but somewhere in between binge drinking hot tea, snuggling in a Jack Daniels blanket and making googly eyes at my antler carved pumpkin surrounded by orange leaves this weekend, I decided it needed to happen. I've lusted after glittery antlers for quite some time now, and obviously I'm no stranger to using sticks instead of actual dead animal remains (see my header), but I'd like to think I put my own spin on it. In my excitement to get it done and in necessity of battling the great winds, I didn't take proper photos at all, but it's ridiculously easy, so I think you guys can handle it.
Here's what I used (all purchased at Wal-Mart):
a paper bag
a foam ball
a knife
gold spray paint
gold glitter spray paint
two antler-esque sticks
hot glue
velcro hanging stickers

First I sawed the foam ball in half, all the while reminding myself that it wasn't going to be fine if it turned out lopsided unlike the way I justify cutting all other round fruits and gourds. Then I cut up a paper bag (which I paid 10 cents for) and sprayed the sticks and half the foam ball with gold spray paint outside to avoid accruing further brain damage than is afflicted by constant exposure to acetone and repeated concrete eating during long runs. 
After they dried, I used the sticks to poke holes in the foam for each antler, pulled them out, added hot glue and stuck them back in holding them still until cooled completely. After a couple days of obsessing over how I would mount my glorious golden antlers, I picked up those velcro picture hanging stickers and went for it. Right now they're hanging above my head and so far so good. I might have to amend this if I wake up in the middle of the night with a stick antler in my eye.

So that's about as complicated as crafts get around here these days, folks. Remember when I sewed my own bikini? I get tired just looking at that thing. I do hope to add to my antlers and make a fun DIY gallery wall eventually, but for now the majestic golden sticks will watch over me as I sleep.


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