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Glory & gore go hand in hand

My heart wasn't into the whole costume thing this year. Probably because I don't have any crazy parties to attend tonight and I spent the past four weeks transforming my face, fingernails and hair into ghoulish versions of themselves every day at work. I really enjoyed carving pumpkins and watching (not scary) Halloween movies this year and that's enough for me. However, I felt like a playlist was necessary for one last day of Halloween celebration even if I won't be wearing ripped up fishnets or three pushup bras on top of each other tonight. If you need any suggestions for epic costumes feel free to click here, here and definitely here.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I really like the polka dot pumpkin! Simple and pretty!

  2. if by crazy parties tonight, you mean going over to my friends parents' house to pass out candy then I totally have one to attend!!!!

  3. Your pumpkin reminds me of a disco ball :D I love the song choices!
    Have a spooky Halloween!

  4. I love your pumpkin.. damnit, why couldn't I think of something as pretty/neat as that? Mine was butt ugly (and everyone and their mother has taken the time to tell me)!


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