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Flappity Flap Flapper

Even though I already got to wear my super fun Labyrinth costume on Friday night, I still felt like it was imperative that I dress up on October 31 in order to ring in November the right way. In the few moments before heading over to my sister Britni's house to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters (and watch "The Office"), I grabbed this tap recital flapper costume from 9th grade(?), Googled "easy flapper hair" - especially since my hair is about 12 feet long (I like costumes AND hyperbole!) and got SUPER excited that I had not one, but two strands of fake pearls - I thought I used them all up on crafting projects. This is the flapper hair tutorial I used (the cool thing is after you unpin the finger curls your hair has all kinds of curly bounce) and then I got busy with the sparkly black eye shadow and mascara. Even though the couch & blanket I was cuddled up with were the main entities that got to enjoy my costume while I enjoyed Jim & Pam's blossoming romance (I can watch "The Office" reruns all day, every day), I still liked the idea of being dressed up on Halloween. Totes worth it!

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  1. you know when a person is able to step back a little and see the big picture the blues clear up pretty fast. you are wise beyond your years and a very cute flappity flapper,


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