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Chinatown adventures

Friday night I spent the night cleaning my apartment and chatting on the phone with a cute boy. Saturday morning I went running with Zigz and then headed to SF so Emma and I could find some magic skin potion in Chinatown (which I will be blogging about at a later date). After splitting a bottle of wine and scarfing down the most delicious sesame chicken ever at the House of Nanking, we decided to take the party to North Beach. We found a bartender who served us shots of whiskey + a pint of Bud for $5 and really wanted to text people from my phone. Then we slipped into a stained glass bar where we took tequila shots, danced to an 80s cover band and woke up feeling like straight butt hole. The rest of Sunday was spent recovering and doing bloggy things that will hopefully make this week exciting over here in One to Nothin land. Overall it was a super solid weekend. 

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  1. Fun, fun weekend! Now I am craving Chinese food!
    Found you through the linkup!
    matters of merrymaking

  2. um, when do we get more details on this boy you speak of......

  3. Ooo, sounds fun! and it totally made me crave Chinese food! (HA - and now I just saw the comment above. Apparently reading your post is doing that to everyone!!)

  4. Omg. I need that plate of food. Pronto. Stat. ASAP, bro!


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