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Jai Guru Deva

Let me just set the tone for you guys, because things are about to get weird.
Smell that.
Drink that.
Play this.

All right, now I think we're on the same page. Aside from that impossible-to-spell moment at the end of yoga when the instructor talks in a soothing tone and tells you to breathe out all your bad energy from the day while releasing all of your tightened muscles at once, this is about as close to meditation as I get -- trippy, memory-jogging music, a hot beverage and a wonderful candle flickering next to me.

About a year and a half ago, I read this post, and I don't mean to be dramatic but it kind of changed my life. After reading it I couldn't get my hands on this book fast enough. After I started reading it, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't embarrassed. It all seemed incredibly hokey and on par with getting my palms read by a psychic, so I didn't really discuss it with friends and family much (although my blog got a taste of it). But if someone as smart, talented and beautiful as Jenni was into it, I thought I could be too, especially because this was a time when I was incredibly confused about my future, relationship, beliefs, all that good post-college anxiety stuff. Before I knew it I created my first vision board -- a board full aspirations to remind me of my goals and make them known to the universe (the book is all about the law of attraction). Long story short, things started happening.

I got a job right away. I decided not to continue school. My relationship ended. I got a second job in my original field. It didn't all make sense, but things were happening and I realize now that they all brought me here (California was on that board from the beginning, by the way). I made my second vision board a few weeks ago, and I feel absolutely at peace.

Maybe it's the candle or Ms. Apple's hauntingly beautiful voice lulling me into a trance, but I think it's really just the reassurance that I am, in fact, in control of my life. I am the driver, captain, author of this life and I can mix metaphors all day long if I need to. This is it, you guys. Let's make shit happen because we can.


  1. always up for getting weird! but most importantly, happy to hear that things are starting to fall in line for you, lady!

  2. Omg. I'm a believer. I thought the secret was so dumb when I first read it but then I did notice--the things I spent the most time thinking about, good and bad, happened. Like without fail. It's only natural, when you really think about how your brain works. I'm high off yankee candle fumes too, by the way.

  3. i need to make shit happen.
    girl you're getting it and i love it.


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