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I'm in Tahoe, so.. Win some stuff!

My sincerest apologies for missing out on Fit Friday last week, especially since it was the last one of Operation Shakira Bod, however due to a series of very fortunate events, I am spending the week in Lake Tahoe (and clearly wearing my bikini all day erryday). This place is the most beautiful place I've ever seen and I'm still kind of in awe of being here. My point is not to brag (although if you follow me on Instagram --@mackensieg--you know that I can't help it), my point is since I'm on vacation and you wish you were on vacation.. I'm giving one of my readers a vacay in a box. Escape Monthly is a company that sends you monthly packages full of destination-inspired products -- think exotic snacks, lotions, bubble baths, all the good stuff. So you should enter to win below (it's open for a week!) orrrr if you're not the gamblin' type you can just sign up for the packages now using the promo code "YOURESCAPE" for 20% off your subscription.
PS: I will update you all on my fitness adventures this week. Don't think I'm just forgetting about my life-long quest to have Shakira's bod.


  1. Oh, man, I would go back to Greece!!!
    Or even just a getaway to Mexico!

  2. Hmmm I would go to Cinque Terre off the Italian Coast. I've seen nothing but amazing pictures of that place. One day :)

  3. Anywhere with a white beach and clear blue water!

    He Calls Me Grace

  4. I'm in Tahoe too...which shore?

  5. I'd go to Santorini, yesterday.

    Lake Tahoe is AMAZING - so glad you can cross that off your California bucket list. As a California native, that place is a MUST. Have an amazing time :)

  6. Hands down Italy. Blogger friend is there right now and I'm dying to go.

  7. Oh this post makes me jealous. I just moved back to the South after living in Tahoe for 10 months! I absolutely fell in love with that place! It is so wonderful and miss it so much! Hope you are enjoying your vaca! Tell Tahoe hello, I love you, and I miss you for me! :)



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