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Just call me Aria

Sweater: LuLu's / Pants: hand-me-downs ;)
Tie Dye: Billabong / Pants; Kohl's / Boots: LuLu's
Dress: Target / Cardi: Cotton On
Cardi: Target / Top: Target / Necklace: Excessory Exchange

It is NOT every day that I can say I wore four completely different outfits and hairstyles in the course of a week. I'm even wearing different pants, you guys. This is a big deal. I'm practically one of the Pretty Little Liars now, except for all the mental trauma and general effed-upness that wouldn't be conducive to ridiculously trendy outfits on the reg. If I were one of those bishes I'd be wearing a bedazzled machete in my belt and bullet-proof full-body spanx at all times.. But the important thing here is that I almost have my Pocahontas braid back and I have a job to get ready for in the mornings. Holler.

(Shout out to my girl, Brooke for allowing my obsession with this song to grow like a magic beanstalk on crack.)

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  1. but for reals, how do those 'high schoolers' wear such done up outfits every day! i was american eagle shirts all day every day in high school. not to mention all the heels! oh, and i am still trying to figure out how Ezra never went to jail, but that's another topic for another day. ps. love the song :)

  2. I am lucky if I have two different hair styles in a month, so you go girl!! Cute outfits!

  3. Yeah, on the topic of the PLL's no one ever looked like that in my high school.

    And I'd be right there with you on the machete and body armor.

  4. Aria's fashion is by far my fave! I love the floral cardigan.


  5. loving the PLL reference. And I wish I could come up with different hair and outfits each day, I'm lazy and it's always a messy bun or straight, haha.

  6. Girl. You look so fabulous I can't even handle it. Seriously. Your face looks like you are loving life!

  7. I perpetually wear a side pony, side braid, or a bun. And I never look neat. I feel like Pretty Little Liars are so much more mature than me, even at 17. Hahaha!

  8. I LOVE that song!! Alos man, I wish I could pull off different looks in a week... I usually go hair up, work clothes, hair up, gym, pjs. Maybe on my 1 day off I'll spice it up and wear my hair down and maybe even some jeans... damn working in a kitchen!

    xo Becky


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