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You're invited

I've been a little distracted the past week or so and somehow managed to completely miss my blog's two year anniversary (for SHAME). And since this is the longest I've stuck with just about anything, aside from relationships and running, I thought I'd throw a party. But not just any party, friends, a summer party-- kid style.

It's going to be awesome. Wanna know why? I will tell you (faster than you can say poopty, puepty, pants-s).

First we'll put these jams on:
Then the itinerary will include:
Slip-n-sliding (if your hips aren't black and blue the next day, you did it wrong)
Shaving cream fights (eyes must burn)
Playing with watermelons in the pool
Water balloons stuffed into bathing suits (because it's hilarious to pretend they're your butt and boobs)
Chicken fights
Egg toss competitions
Making ourselves into ice cream sundaes
An epic pudding fight
Turning the sprinklers on under the trampoline
Making mud pies out of the mess accruing under the trampoline
Cannon ball competitions
Marshmallow roasting and s'more eating
Serious games of truth or dare (if no one makes out, you did it wrong)
Drinking Jell-O through straws
Ouija board playing
Shaking up sparkling grape juice and spraying it at each other
Slow dancing (and lots of giggling about who's dancing with whom)

And we'll play so hard that we fall asleep or cry.

Sound like a plan? You better come or you're not invited to my birthday party.



  1. can this party be real?? happy birthday to your blog!

  2. Happy second birthday to your blog! Definitely wishing this party were happening right. this. second. :D

  3. I wish all parties were like this!



  4. Haha, that party sounds amazing!! Happy blog anniversary!



  5. Sounds like an awesome time. Totally makes up for you missing it on the day it actually happened. :)

  6. haha it's ok i missed my one year anniversary last week. still not a very good blogger over here and I don't even care. cheers to 2 years and this playlist!

  7. I would put water balloons in my bathing suit at the pool any day if I could. Meaning if it wouldn't land me on a list of neighborhood sex offenders. I say you give us the address of your new digs in CA and we make this party a reality!


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