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You are more than just a dream

The past week has been filled with celebrations, often in the form of high-calorie dinners, desserts and beverages. As soon as I found out about my new job, I took myself out for sushi and froyo, which Ziggy helped me finish off. Then I came home to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers with the most perfect card attached (let's just say it started with "Shit just got real") from my sister, Britni (I LOVE YOU) and a box of goodies I ordered from LuLu's (Rose picked out those boots). Then I received another package in the mail the next day from my sweet mom with that Brighton necklace inside (I LOVE YOU). Friday night I got to see the most epic firework show of my life from my patio and Saturday the celebrations continued when I helped move my girl, Emma, into her new apartment in San Francisco. We can even hang out on the roof. It's perfect. So we drank champagne, put together an IKEA bed and went out with a bunch of dudes we found. Look at Emma big pimpin' it out up there. Unfortunately in the group picture I was in, one of the guys was trying to eat my head, so instead you get to see the guy who made me ballroom dance when no one else in the entire bar was dancing. Oh, and there were two Michael Jacksons at the bar. Then Sunday I went to the Exploratorium, which was THE coolest thing ever. Aside from the snotty hands of 5 million babies who ain't got time for waiting in line, playing with a bunch of science-y-mind-blowing toys was amazing.
And as you are reading this I am at my new office at my new job feeling like a new woman.

Have I told you lately that I love you, California?
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  1. So excited about your SF life! Congrats on your job!!! Whoo!

  2. Girl, I live in SF too! Which neighborhood do you live in?



  3. sushi and froyo is how i celebrate everything! my favorite combo.

  4. Congrats on your new job! And your in SF, which is incredible in itself. :)


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