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The Secret

You guys may have seen this photo on my InstaGram account last night.
 This photo means excitement, happiness, faith, success.

Let's start from the beginning.
For Christmas, Jessica (my best friend) got me an Amazon gift card so I could buy books for my new Kindle. I had just received a bunch of real-life books from my family, so I chose to save it for when I ran out of things to read. 

Fast forward to last week:
After spending the previous three weeks dreading my second chemistry test coming up, feeling guilty for picking up a fun read when I should be scribbling down copious notes from my chemistry textbook (which I did... a lot.) it was the day before the test.
I was so not ready, still.
After going to tutoring, watching hours of tutoring lectures, reading the chapters and going to all the lectures, I was still so unprepared and more importantly, I had no confidence in myself at all whatsoever. I kept telling myself I was going to fail, which I now realize was the worst thing I could do.
After spending the entire 24 hours crying on and off, I dropped the class and felt so guilty (my parents fully supported this decision), but instead of dwelling on it I bought a book on Amazon called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

I'm sure some of you may have heard of this book (even if just on an episode on 30 Rock) and might be rolling your eyes, but I first read about it on a blog I follow and knew I needed to check it out.
It describes the Law of Attraction in great detail, and one of the most prominent themes from the very beginning is to stay positive, no matter the circumstances. Be happy and you will attract more things that make you happy. So even after just reading a few pages with my swollen, watery eyes that night, I decided it was time to change my attitude.

I will take it again. I will ace it. I will get into PT school.

Yesterday, while it was pouring beautiful sheets of rain down on our roof, I continued to read and learn more about "The Secret." I had already decided that since now I'm only enrolled in two classes (both of which I currently have a 100% average in) I would get a job and start saving up money. 
I didn't just want a job, I would get a job. Soon.
I envisioned it, and I even put it on my vision board that I nailed up on my wall just yesterday.

My board includes recovery, adventure, health, wealth, success, affirmations, and even blog growth.

After staring and concentrating on my board for a while, I logged onto Facebook and right on my news feed I saw that my friend needed servers at his restaurant. I hopped in the shower, drove there  to fill out an application and now I have a job.

Just the first step of many. 

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  1. Congrats! That's exciting stuff! I've heard of The Secret, but now I think I may actually have to read it :-) jenn


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