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JINX you owe me a coke

By now you guys have probably noticed that I'm a big fan of games. Boardgames, drinking games, road trip games; you name it, I probably like it. They all make my heart happy (I mean I even named my blog after my favorite game). So that being said, I thought I'd give you non-real-life friends a little peek at some of the stupid games I play on the reg.

One to Nothin' -- Get in on this magical competition where the points don't matter and the game never ends by downloading the Shazam or Soundhound app (for checking, not cheating obvi) and obnoxiously naming the artist of every song you hear followed by "ONE TO NOTHIN'!"Nobody got time to keep score.
Jinx -- This one is an oldie, but it's classic so I've carried it on to my adulthood (if you can call this adulthood). Basically when you say a word at the same time as someone else, you call "JINX 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" before the other party has a chance to, followed by "You owe me _____." The loser is shunned to silence until he or she delivers what is owed. This also applies to text messages I decided (mainly because I don't have friends here yet), so when the bearded man and I both texted "gross" at the same time, I promptly jinxed him and said he owed me Chinese food. Surprisingly (or maybe not since he's a good sport), there was a delivery guy at my door an hour later. Best jinx ever. (Thanks again! :)

Punching -- Maybe I get bored in the car easily, but it seems like most of these games really shine through on extended car rides. Whenever you pass a cemetery, you want to be the first person to yell this phrase: "People just dyin to get there, last place I wanna be, BB BUSHES!" and punch everybody else in the car. Morbid? Yes. Violent? Oh, yea. Nonsensical? Definitely. But very satisfying nonetheless. Along the same lines, when you see an out-of-state license plate you call out the state and punch everyone. Also, when there's a curvy road ahead sign, you yell "SQUIGGLES" and get your punch on.

Badiddle -- When in the car, watch other cars' headlights. If one of them is out yell "BADIDDLE" and hit the roof of the car with your hand. The other person/people in the car must remove one article of clothing. The longer the road trip, the more interesting this game becomes. (This is a funny game to play via text too, especially when the people around you have no idea why you're stripping off your socks).

Buffalo Club -- This game is strictly for getting people drunk quickly. When in a situation where the libations are flowing, if a person is holding their beverage with their dominant hand, you call "Buffalo Club" on them and they are then required to finish their drink immediately. This usually results in a lot of people awkwardly trying to connect non-dominant hand to mouth. Always a good time.

I could totally do a whole post just about my favorite drinking games, but I'll spare you for now. You can read all about my obsession with Truth or Dare here though. Also, the awesome game that kept my sister and I entertained on our cross-country trek can be found here.

And just because I've been watching CMT music videos all morning and this song is adorable..

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hahaha we call it Bull Moose, but I live for it! You will never ever catch me with a drink in my right hand. I haven't been caught in over 3 years, because I just don't do it!

  2. Badiddle is my favorite! i get super angry when i am losing too. when my family was young we used to count hawks on road trips. real cool, i know.

  3. Great post.



  4. thats cute you really like games! i am a big fan of board games!

  5. what about drinking games?
    asshole? circle of death? ride the bus?


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