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Truth or Dare

It has recently come to my attention that the young adults of my generation are, for the most part, inept when it comes to one of the most basic skills of young adulthood: Truth or Dare.

I kid you not, this game is and always has been one of my favorite games... ever. I've been practicing since approximately 5th grade and I assume most others my age have been too, but this makes absolutely no sense because by this logic we all have about 13-15 years of experiences, and therefore we should have a plethora of truths and dares up our sleeves at any time. This is not the case. See, I just assumed that the game would get better after the age of 21-- I mean, alcohol lowers inhibitions after all, (and my friends and I used to have some pretty insane games completely sober back in the day). That should mean crazier dares and participants who are far more willing to reveal embarrassingly ridiculous information truthfully, but my experience shows that this is not the case.

The Truth or Darers of my present are rigid, uncreative and unwilling to go balls-to-the-wall. This must change. I am here, my friends, to remind you what this game is truly about and to give you some suggestions so that the next time you're in an ideal TorD situation, you can show off your mad skillz.

When it comes to truths, you can't give the participant a "yes" or "no" kind of a question. It's a cop out.
Make them talk, squirm and reveal information they would never otherwise. The point is to make the truth just as undesirable as the dare so that all participants do not fall back on the truth option to avoid being dared to get naked. I suggest turning it into a drinking game, that way if the dare is way too ridiculous the dare-ee can opt for a less-than-desirable shot or drink, unless of course that is the dare..

Truth Suggestions:
Name three people (preferably in the room at the time) and challenge the truthee to a fun game of Eff, Marry, Kill -- For those unfamiliar, this is where the truthee says which of the three named people they would eff, which they would marry and which they would kill.

Would You Rather.. for example, would you rather have Dumbo ears or clown feet? (Clearly you could get far more pervy with it, but I will keep it fairly PG13-rated for your precious eyes ;)

Who's the most embarrassing person you've ever hooked up with/dreamed about/had a crush on/etc.?

Most embarrassing purchase ever made... go.

Describe your most embarrassing moment, in detail.

You get the picture. Clearly truths are never as exciting as dares, but read the situation (I mean if you're playing with a bunch of prudes, maybe pick a different game... or pick a boring truth.)

You may not under any circumstances ask the dare-ee what they want to be dared and then dare them to do it. This is unacceptable. It is also inappropriate to cave and allow the dare-ee to pick truth after realizing how mortifying the dare is. Dares must be thought of, spoken and executed in a timely manner so that the rest of the players do not allow their ADD to kick in and leave the game for more drinks. NO PASSES or "I suck at coming up with dares" excuses: you officially have the following suggestions to fall back on.

Dare Suggestions: (which may or may not have been recycled from past experiences..I'll never tell..)
Spin the Bottle -- combining two awesomely delinquent games in one for the win. Which obviously lends itself to Seven Minutes in Heaven and anyone making out with anyone (or anything) else in general (I recommend the upside down Spiderman kiss). Always fair game.

Eating/Drinking disgusting mystery concoctions (condiments are always popular, get creative and break out the herbs, spices and hot sauce). This also lends itself to the cinnamon challenge.

Eating/Licking these disgusting (or delicious depending on the goal you're going for) concoctions off of other people. Especially hilarious around bros who are semi-homophobic and are not particularly fond of licking things off of each other. This also goes for licking gross things, such as a table, floor, someone else foot, ear canal, etc.

Stripping and Streaking especially to ridiculous stripper music and on tables.

Finishing drinks/shots/Edward-40-hands.

I highly recommend you play this game the next time you're around a fun group of people.. especially if there is alcohol involved. Better yet, I triple dog dare you.

What's the craziest dare you've ever executed or come up with? Am I the only adult-ish person that's still obsessed with the awesome games from middle school?


  1. Um I do believe I have eaten/drank one of your crazy concoctions as well as danced around a Royal Village courtyard in just my bra because of your Truth or Dare expertise.

  2. Haha! I haven't played truth or dare in ages!


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