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Of Late - Music Monday

I've been all kinds of distracted-crazy lately, friends. Hence the whole posting-what-I-wore-Wednesday-on-Thursday thing and not posting since. I'm getting to that point where I have so many ideas and things I would love to do (with my blog and my life) that I get overwhelmed and do nothing instead. Such a counterproductive habit I have.

I have something very exciting, stressful and, most of all, expensive coming up in about three months. So I've been working as much as possible and trying to save every cent I make. I've never been good with money, and I feel like now it's more important than ever for me to change this once and for all (any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, to all my independent women out there). I used to never cook either, and look at me now--all I do is Instagram my food creations (that gory number over there is a salmon burger with a Sriracha heart getting stabbed. You're welcome).

My wacky manicure up there is kind of a metaphor for my life right now. Indecisive, messy, doesn't-quite-go-together and as soon as I get a little stressed out I sabotage peel it off completely sans nail polish remover.

On the bright side, I peeled an entire orange in one long curly Q for the first time ever. I can cross that one off the bucket list. Now I just have to perfect the apple skin spiral so I can be like my homegirl Meg  Ryan in the best movie ever (literally just teared up watching that. I am such a girl).

Oh, and that sweet angel baby up there? That's my adorable sausage of a pup when she was only a couple months old.

And without further ado, my Music Monday playlist:

MusicMonday10/1 by MacKensie on Grooveshark

PS: For the scoop on the newest of awesome new music read this, and basically follow Carmen on everything because she's the shit. End of story.

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