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Champagne in a Can

Friday afternoon I decided Ziggy and I were going hiking, so I plugged the address into my phone knowing the peril (considering what happened last time) and it led me to a gated-in fancy pants neighborhood. I started trying to do a three point turn when some dude started screaming at me. He was all, "you trying to go to the park?" so naturally I thought he was a mind reader because we were in a residential area (for extremely wealthy folks). But he informed me that it was, in fact, one of the entrances and that it was the time when rattlesnakes come out -- so be careful! (Insert minor anxiety attack here) 

But we pushed forward and luckily didn't get attacked by any rattlesnakes. However, about a quarter mile into our totally uphill hike, Zigz decided to take a big old steamy dump, so I picked it up with a baggy like a good samaritan, thinking there would be a trashcan somewhere along the trail. I was mistaken. So I carried an awful smelling bag-o-crap the entire length of our 5-mile hike. And still managed to take photos. That's skill right there. (I have a photo of the crap bag too, but I decided I'd spare you all). Oh, and I saw a wild turkey, two deer and little snake (I didn't see a rattle..).
After my hike-induced butt cramp resided, I put on Rose's leather jacket and headed to SF for a Maps & Atlases concert. Judging by my experiences riding BART so far, I think I might just have to start a new segment called "Eavesdropping on BART." It can be pretty entertaining slash ridiculous, but that's a story for another day. As soon as we arrived at the venue, we whipped out our ids because we were ready to get our drank on and that's when I got a full-on interrogation. The bouncer was 100% sure my id was fake, so I had to recite my address, the spelling of my name, birthday and sports teams that play in Florida -- that one threw me off. Then he finally believed me and let us in where we were met by countless handlebar mustaches and bored facial expressions. 

Luckily we met some dudes from Finland and the UK who bought us champagne in a can, complete with a CapriSun straw. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I've heard of wine in a box, cocktails in a pouch and shots in a bag, but never champagne in a can! Cannons and Clouds played first and they were pretty good, but then the second opener came on -- I think they were called Young Man, but they kept making cheesy astronaut sounds on the keyboard and it reminded me this Friends episode.. so we continued to drink. Then Maps & Atlases came on and were just as wonderful as we hoped they would be. 

Saturday was spent recovering/watching dvr'd shows/doing a puzzle/stuffing my face with Chinese food. Fast-forward to Sunday..
I took myself out to a super cute cafe for breakfast and spent the rest of the day letting my porcelain skin get fried by the pool (there might have been some margaritas involved as well). Really, though, my chest looks super awkward and splotchy now. So overall I would say this weekend was a success.

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  1. Best idea ever!!! Love this song. Fun weekend pretty girl!

  2. Your Cali shenanigans are jealousy-inspiring to the max. That hike looks gorgeous!

  3. haha that friends episodes is one of my favorites. also, did it not ever occur to you that you could stash the bag-o-crap in the bushes and then get it on your way back out?! just a thought, it probably wasn't even a good one ;)

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!! I had to chuckle about Ziggy, it seems like dogs like to relieve themselves at the beginning of a walk. My dogs will do the same thing and it drives me nuts.

  5. besides carrying dog poo for 5 miles - I loved your weekend. sounds like a blast. cali is going well for you! :)

  6. This sounds like an awesome weekend (minus the poop bag, but hey, that's life)! What a beautiful place for a hike. You are definitely settling in to California life well. :)

  7. NO NO NO to snakes. you should have gotten right back in your car and gone straight home. just say no to snakes.


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