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Truth About My Bod

Today I'm linking up with Tami over at Friday Morning Buzz (who just so happens to be my IRL friend) and Kate of Eloquent Graffiti for their "Truth About My Body" party. So cheers to hoping you all will still read my blog even after you learn all the weird stuff I'm about to expose about this bod of mine.

1. First truth: That photo above is from May of last year and is not an accurate portrayal of what I'm working with right now (but look how much my hair has grown in a year!).

2. I have an extraordinarily long tailbone. I guess you could just say I have a tail. That would probably about cover it. When I did gymnastics as a kid I used to get crrrrrrazy bruises/rug-burn from "V-ups" and still do from sit-ups. Also, one time I went on a family trip to Wyoming and was beside myself playing in the snow, so I decided I would fall backwards into a big, fluffy pile of it. I was rudely awakened when I landed, tail first, in rock-hard ice snow and was convinced I had broken my butt. I couldn't sit down comfortably the whole rest of the trip. (I didn't realize I had so many tail anecdotes until now, I could probably tell you, like, five more. I won't. Unless you want me to, in which case e-mail me. I'd be glad to discuss my deformity in more detail.)

3. I can make my eyes shake crazy fast. It freaks my sister the eff out and it's kind of awesome to watch other people try to imitate. They pretty much just look like they're constipated. I always get scared I'm going to strain them too hard and go cross-eyed or something though, so I try to only use it when I need to freak people out (or break an uncomfortable silence).

4. Baby got back. I've addressed this before, but I got a big ole donk. Even when I was in high school and went to the gym after cross country practice, it was still disproportionate to the rest of me. It makes jeans shopping quite the frustrating ordeal.

5. My second toe is longer than my first one. I had an interview today and a lady there said this was a sign of intelligence, and I'm going to have to agree. Also, when I hold down the big one and the two smallest ones, it looks like alien fingers throwing up deuces.

6. I get the gnarliest blisters on my feet when I run, and I have this weird compulsion to show them off. I think it's a runner thing. Also, maybe I should get better socks.

7. Once upon a time I walked down a runway wearing barely-there bikinis and 6-inch heels for a fashion show. It was terrifying and liberating at the same time.

8. Freshman year of high school I gained about 20-30 pounds really quickly. It was because of this that I decided to start running -- first in soccer, then track and field, then cross country. By senior year I was in the best shape of my life and started running half marathons my sophomore year of college. I've been running sort of consistently ever since.

9. I wear a size 6.5 shoe, which I really love simply because most display shoes in stores are my exact size.

10. I'm allergic to dairy (which I didn't realize until college), penicillin, peanut butter (but not peanuts.. weird, right?) and very possibly alcohol. See how ridiculous my hangovers are here.. None of them are life-threatening (thank goodness), except maybe penicillin -- haven't tried to test that one out.

Overall, I am very thankful for this body I was born with. Despite the many insecurities I've battled throughout my adolescence (just like every other little girl out there), I have finally made peace with it. I no longer wish I could transform it (longer legs, tanner skin, skinnier arms, etc.) instead I strive to make it the healthiest it can be. I still get twinges of jealousy when I see super skinny girls (especially ones who don't even try) but I fight it because I know that healthy is beautiful and I can easily achieve that when I put my mind to it. Body image is a delicate thing, my friends. And I encourage you to praise yourself for the parts you love and to quiet that voice inside that criticizes the parts you don't. The happier you are, the greater you'll look.



  1. OMG! Our toes are the same too!!! It means we are the ruler of the family/nest!!!

    And I wear a 6.5. Boom. We're cool.

    ps. email me those butt jokes!!!!

  2. i totally get the whole jeans shopping struggs because of the junk in the trunk. do you have the problem where you have to go a size up because of your hips and butt, but then they are too big in the waist so you are forced to wear a belt and then it bunches all funny like. no? just me? cool.

  3. Both my sister and I can do the eye shake, but neither of our other sibs nor my parents can! So weird, but it's my hidden talent lol

  4. Your bod is uh-maze-ing. And I'm totally jealous of your size 6.5 feet. All the best styles at shoe sales are the small size ones! Ugh. I'm just going to gloat in the fact that I have a normal length tailbone. So there.

  5. Found your blog from the linkup. Agree. Your body is awesome. Lucky you! (or hard working you) The rest of your post was awesome, but totally blown away by your first photo!

  6. i don't have the slightest clue why we aren't friends but i'm going to try to make it happen. because many things i have to comment on! first, your rocking bod. second, the fact that you admitted to essentially having a tail might be the best truth i've read in all of these linked up posts. i can't shake my eyes, but i can turn one eyeball in and leave the other one straight. i wear a 6.5, too and i love it for the EXACT same reason. it's so nice to just grab a shoe and put it on and not have to track down a shoe lady to to go fetch it in the back. so happy you joined this link up!

  7. This is a really awesome link up, I wish I would have known about it sooner! Maybe I'll do a post about it later.. That's amazing that you are so comfortable in your body, hardly any women I know are. Even I have troubles being comfortable with mine! I'm allergic to penicillin too, I have a really bad reaction to it and definitely want to stay way far away from anything in the 'cillin' family.

  8. We wear the same size shoe! I wish I had a butt! I just started running & even though I've ran most of my younger life, I just hate it. I don't see myself running any marathons or half marathons or 5k's any time soon. I just don't know how people enjoy it!

  9. My donk is so disproportionate for my body too. Itty bitty titties up top and then a "where did that come from" butt haha. And SAME about the shoe size, love it :)

  10. i would love a 6.5 shoe size! every shoe would not be sold out in your size! and cute little feet!

  11. i'd do you.
    like a million times over.

  12. Oh my goodness... the tailbone thing. I have it, too. I'm glad I am not alone in this bit of freakishness. :)


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