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Hangover Ponderings

(Let me know if you'd like a tutorial..)

Last night was first Wednesday, which is a huge block party here in Pleasanton on the first Wednesday of each month. This particular celebration includes a beer and wine garden with live music, and being the responsible adult that I am, I chose to partake in the festivities despite having forgotten to eat dinner. This, my friends, is a recipe for epic hangover disaster time. It is currently 3:46pm and I am still in bed, and since I literally haven't done a damn thing all day, I thought I'd do a little overview of the things that run through my head while bedridden and maximally hungover (one word? two words? Is there a listing in the AP Style Book for hangovers..?)

"I would pay more money than was spent on drinks last night just to make this feeling go away."

"Maybe that means I should give up drinking.."

"I wonder if I would make friends in AA..?"

"God, I wish I had some sweet tea right now."

Google search: "Are there Chick Fil A's in California?" 

"I just want the sauce.."

"Why don't fast food restaurants deliver?!"

"BRB, gotta vom."

"I've said this before, but I'm really never drinking again.."

"Time to lay on the shower floor."

"I'm so jealous of Ziggy right now. She's NEVER been hungover."

"How the hell did my roommate make it to work this morning?"

"I have now collected three different types of beverages, which shall I throw up next?"


"Man, my hair looks good."

"It's so hot in here."

"I'm freezing!"

"Maybe my parents will ship me Chick Fil A sauce..."

"I can have fun sober, right?"

"Why have scientists not discovered a hangover cure yet? I would buy that ish in bulk."

"Omg, I think I found a sleeping position that doesn't make me want to puke and die. Don't you dare move a muscle.. Yes.. Sweet sweet slumber."


  1. Hahahahaha! I have a Chik Fil A near my house. I'll ship you some sauce.

    Sounds like EXACTLY what goes through my head. Minus the California/ Chik Fil A thing.

  2. We sure do have Chick Fil A here!!! Where in CA are you living?

  3. HA HA! So glad that I haven't been hungover in ages :D Though there isn't a cure there is a lot of things to do for prevention - drink a glass of water before bed and eat a slice of bread. In the morning eat something greasy, get some (haha), and more water. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. your hangover related posts are basically my favorite posts ever.

  5. hahaha been there. and by 'been there', i mean 'i still go there often'. hope you're feeling better! :)

  6. WHY do hangovers make us all crave Chik fila?! I think they have discovered this illusive hangover cure...and they put it in their sauce

  7. James actually keeps a running tally in dry-erase marker on the bathroom mirror of times I have uttered the phrase, "I'm never drinking again." He thinks it's hilarious. I think he's dumb.

  8. erhmahgerd! i literally just blogged about this same struggle at life on monday. my hangovers are the death of me. i was vomming for 12 hours. 12 hours! and i only had 4 drinks! ugh. get better mah lady!


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