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Air Five!

High fives and lots of gratitude for..

1. Puppy kisses. This little furball has definitely helped me out when I've started feeling homesick in the past two weeks. 

2. Interviews. I've had three so far, so keep your fingers crossed for me, friends. This chick needs a job. 

3. My new home. I love the hills, families, dogs, shops, cafes and weather here. It's the perfect little town for raising babies, which isn't my forte.. but it's wonderful for now.

4. Trails. Ziggy and I have discovered awesome new places to walk every day. 

5. This song. It just makes me smile.

Now back that azz up with Whitney because it's Friday and we can.


  1. fingers crossed on your interviews, i feel you on that!!

  2. yay for interviews boo!!
    i should probably get a third job to save up money for my trip to see you.

  3. heyo ! i bet you rocked the interviews.

  4. Great job on the interviews! I'm sure you totally rocked them :D


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