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Enter Sandman

Friday night I went to my very first MLB game in San Francisco and it was pretty awesome. I tried garlic fries for the first time, I bought an overpriced Giants sweatshirt, I saw METALLICA play the national anthem (umm what?!), we sat in the third row and we beat the LA Dodgers in the 9th inning with a homerun. We even got to hear a super obnoxious old Giants fan fanatic with a makeshift baseball uniform on talk--no, scream--mad trash to the Dodgers players wishing them injuries and making fun of them for wearing sweatshirts. Bizarre. So overall, pretty fantastic start to baseball for this guy. Saturday I chilled out (and by 'chilled out' I mean sweated my arse off since it was 90 degrees here).
For Cinco de Mayo (or 'Cinco de Drinko' for Shannon's benefit) I made my way to the city yet again, but this time for Hecho en San Francisco, a super cool event in front of the ferry building featuring unlimited local Mexican food and drinks. These drinks were no joke, I'm talking handcrafted tequila cocktails, not just margaritas. The one pictured was garnished with nutmeg and brown sugar. Delicious.  They even had custard tequila sundaes. I made DIY salsa, and that little ropa vieja concoction with salsa verde up there was heaven. We volunteered with La Cocina, an awesome company that helps low-income immigrant women make a living by creating ultra delicious dishes (that's where I got my sweet shirt). If you're in the area, I highly suggest checking it out.

After the event Michelle, Emma and I headed over to that beautiful field/waterfall combo up there and just hung out in the grass. It was fabulous.

My sole complaint about this weekend is that I did not get to eat any guacamole. So if any of you Bay area bloggers are looking for someone to stuff your faces full of guac with.. I'm your girl.


  1. I think I ate enough Guac for both of us. I capitalized that on purpose. It deserves it. :)

    Also, that tequila concoction? Craving it- whatever it is- now.

  2. Super jealous of your garlic fries!I LOVE Giants games! Make sure you go for Dead day at the end of the summer! It is so much fun!

  3. We did our honeymoon in SF/Napa/Sonoma and went to a Giants game while we were in SF and I loved it. AT&T park is one of my favorite MLB parks. I was sad we could not kayak while we were there. I think they were closed that day or something, although I do remember freeeeezing at the game!

  4. Sounds like a great day; awesome photos! And love the 'street food' t-shirt.
    xoxo Aimee
    ps. cool blog design :)

  5. Metallica, what?! That's crazy!

  6. Just found your blog.
    I love it.
    So glad I found it!!!!
    Thanks for sharing- I am going to a Giants game later this month!!!

  7. welp. you're going to have to apologize to the baby i'm going to punch. THIS IS ON YOU.


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